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I have the following books for sale. I accept paypal, checks/MO. I ship my books media mail and combine shipping. Insurance is available upon request. All books are paperback unless otherwise marked. You can contact me or email me at

The Upward, Game Plan For Life, New Testament w/testimonies of athletes, new, 4.50 (2)
Upward Basketball, Sports New Testament w/pictures, new, 4.50
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul, excellent, 2.50 (2)
Miscellaneous Sports
The Balloon Book, Complete Guide to the Exciting Sport, 101 questions about ballooning, 1977, good, 3.50

The Basic Essentials of Canoeing, Basic Essential Series, ex-lib, vg, 3.50
Bowler's Guide, instructional book on tenpins, 3.00
Cross-Country Skiing by Peter B Mohn, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
*Eyes on America, Famous Athletes, new, 2.00 (2)
Xtreme Sports Cutting Edge, world's daring athletes by E J Maxwell, vg, 2.00
Extreme Sports, IQuest, Essential facts at your fingertips, new, 1.50
A Picture Book of Jese Owens by David A Adler, track runner, good, 3.50 (2)
Sports Heroes by Mark Littleton, Zonderkidz, fair, 2.00
*Winning Volleyball for Girls by Deborah Crisfield, excellent, 8.50
Winter Adventure, A Complete Guide to Winter Sports by Peter Stark, new, 8.50
Dom's Handplant, Skateboarding, stage 5, vg, 2.00

Golf For Kids!! by Stephen J Ruthenberg, ages 8 and up, vg, 4.50
Systemic Golf A Complete Golf Instruction Course by Mike Palmer, like new, 8.50
Tiger Woods, a biography for Kids by Libby Hughes, vg, 3.00

Water Sports
DK Superguides Swimming, Check-fil-A, learn basics, improve skills, vg, 2.00
Whitewater Challenge by Peter B Mohn, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
*White Water by Jonathan & Aaron London, true story white water rafting, hb, new, 8.50

Resource Books
300 Incredible Things for Sports Fans on the Internet by Ken Leebow, like new, 3.00
Giant Book of More Strange but True sports Stories by Howard Liss, vg, 6.50

The Complete Sports Dictionary by George Sullivan, Scholastic, super, 3.25
Great Moments in Sports by Rita Golden Gelman, good, 2.00

Sports, Eyewitness Books, hb, like new, 7.50
The Random House Book of Sports Stories selected by L M Schulman, hb, new, 9.75
Sports Illustrated for Kids
*Head to Head Baseball 2 Books, Frank Thomas & Ken Griffey, Jr by John Rolfe, vg, 2.50
*Head to Head Baseball 2 Books, Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa by John Rolfe, good, 2.50
Head to Head Basketball 2 Books, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal by Pahla Smith, vg, 2.50

One the Edge, 4 true stories of extreme outdoor sports adventure, vg, 2.00
Jim Abbott Sports Illustrated Kids, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.25
Mystery Athletes, Can you guess, 1998, excellent, 2.00
Baseball Bigshots, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr, Roger Clemens, 1998, excellent, 2.00
Passers and Receivers, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman Steve Young, 1999, excellent, 2.00
Sports Math Mania!, Cool stats and number facts by Lorraine Jean, vg, 2.00
*Baseball Megastars 1994, like new, 1.75
Baseball Megastars 1996 by Bruce Weber, vg, 1.75
National Football League Megastars 2004, NFL, 3.50
Baseball Heroes, Cy Young Winners, hb,ex-lib, vg, 4.50
Baseball Heroes, The Rookies, hb,ex-lib, vg, 4.50
Black Diamond Story of Nero Baseball Leagues by Patricia McKissack, great, 3.50
Bob Feller, Baseball Legends by Morris Eckhouse, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
Darryl Strawberry by John Albert Torres, Sports Great, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
Derek Jeter by Richard J Brenner, 15 color photos, vg, 2.25
Dwight Gooden King of the Ks by Bert Rosenthal, Sports Stars, ex-lib, good, 2.75
Great Baseball Stories, vg, 4.50
The Hit-Away Kid by Matt Christopher, vg, 2.00
*Home Run Hero by Dean Hughes, vg, 1.50
The Home Run Kings, by Frank Gault, Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, vg, 2.00
*Honus & Me, Baseball Card Adventure by Dan Gutman, like new, 3.25
If You Were a Cleveland Indian, Rookie League Picture Book, has name, super, 3.75
Jim Abbott All-American Pitcher by Howard Reiser, Sports Stars, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.25
Ken Griffey Jr & Frank Thomas by Brian Cazeneuve, vg, 2.25
The Kid Coach by Fred Bowen, Allstar Sportstory, vg, 2.00
Little Big League, The Minnesota Twins Have a New Owner, by Ronald Kidd, good, 2.00
*Lou Gehrig, The Luckiest Man by David A Adler, new, 4.50
Magor League Baseball, Baseball Country, stadiums, new, 3.50
Mark McGwire by Richare J Brenner, vg, 2.25
Inside Baseball, 1992 by Burce Weber, Scholastic, vg, 1.25
Rogers Clemens by John Devaney, Sports Great, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
Sammy Sosa by Bill Gutman, in spanish, 2.00
Shoeless Joe & Me by Dan Gutman, fiction, new, 2.50
Southern Cultures Summer 2002, bio's on Robert E Lee, Ben Tillman, Robert F Williams, Charlene Arthur and Lurline Stokes, new, 4.50

Tales from the Dugout: The Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told by Mike Shannon, new, 4.50
We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente by Trudie Engel, new, 2.75
Joe DiMaggio, More Than Baseball, audio documentary, new, 3.50
Baseball Card Collector, buying, selling, trading, collecting, VHS, vg, 3.00
Fun Books
*The Ultimate Baseball Quiz Book by Dom Forker, new, 3.00
Baseball's Best, Five True Stories, Step into Reading, grade 2-4, like new, 2.75

*Baseball's Greatest Hitters, new, Step into Reading, grade 2-4. new, 2.75
Baseball SuperStars Album, 2005, 16 full-page superstar posters, vg, 2.00
Baseball SuperStars Album, 2005, 16 full-page superstar posters, new, 2.75

Mark McGwire, The Home-Run King, Hello Reader, grade 1-3, vg, 2.00
Super Shortstops: Jester, Normar, and A-Rod, DK Reader, vg, 2.25
World Series Heroes, DK Reader, vg, 2.50

Coaching Learn the Game
Baseball Defensive Drills by Rod Delmonico, vg, 5.00

Kirby Puckett's Baseball Games
, 34 great games to improve your play, hitting, running, catch, new,  2.50
Little League's Official How-To-Play Baseball Book by Peter Kreutzer, like new, 3.25
The Major League Way to Play Baseball by Bob Carroll, Step-by-step instructions & sound advice techniques, strategy & conditioning for the beginning player, fair, 3.00

Pitching by Pat Jordan, Sports Illustrated, vg, 4.50
The Pitching Clinic, skills, drills for better pitching, vg, 7.50
Superguides Baseball, DK, learn the basics, play the game, new, 2.50
Teach Me Sports, Baseball by Barry Dreayer, learn the game! vg, 4.00
Youth League Baseball by Skip Bertman, Spalding Coaching and Playing, vg, 6.00

Robert Clemente
Robert Clemente, Baseball Legend by Alan West, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
Robert Clemente, A Cromwell biography by Kenneth Rudeen, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.50
The Story of Roberto Clemente, All-Star Hero by Jim O'Connor, fair, 1.50

Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth, Heroes of American by Len Canter, good, 2.00
Babe Ruth by Keith Brandt, History Makers, Troll, super, 3.00
*Home Run: Story of Babe Ruth by Robert Burleigh, vg, 3.50
Home Run: Story of Babe Ruth by Robert Burleigh, good, 3.00
Mighty Babe Ruth by Syd Hoff, good, 2.75

Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson, Heroes of America by Joshua E Hanft, fair, 2.50
Jackie Robinson, Heroes of America by Joshua E Hanft, excellent, 3.73
Jackie Robinson and Breaking of the Color Barrier by Russell Shorto, ex-lib, vg, 3.00
*Young Jackie Robinson Baseball Hero, Troll First-Start Bio, Troll, super, 4.00

*Basketball Bloopers: World's Funniest Foul-Ups by Bill Gutman, excellent, .75
David Robinson by Bill Gutman, good, 1.75
*For the Love of the Game, Michael Jordan and Me by Elouse Greenfield, new, 4.00
For the Love of the Game, Michael Jordan and Me by Elouse Greenfield, vg, 3.50
Michael Jordan by Nick Edwards, Scholastic, vg, 2.25
*NBA Action Form A to Z, great for young sports lover learn alphabet, new, 2.50
Patrick Ewing by Jack Kavanagh, Sports Great, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.25
Upward Basketball Handbook by Caz McCaslin, super, 3.50
Yesterday's Heroes, Journey African-Amer NBA Superstars, super, 2.50
*1997 Official Rules of Basketball, NCAA, new, 2.00
*The Jason Kidd Story, incluses action photos! by David Moore, like new, 2.00
*The NBA;s 10 Greatest Teams Ever, Fast Breaks, Scholastic, new, 3.50

A Parents Guide to Coachng Basketball by John P McCarthy, Jr, ex-lib, vg, 4.75
NBA All-Time Super Scorers, NBA 4 Reader, new, 2.50
Shaquille O'Neal Man of Steel, All Aboard Reading, vg, 2.00
Yao Ming NBA Reader, super, 2.00
Brett Favre, In My Pocket Series, hb mini book, like new, 1.00
*Bruce Weber's Inside Pro Football 1992, Scholastic, new, 2.75
*Football Madness The Road to Super Bowl XXXVII, Scholastic, like new, 3.75
If I Were A San Fransicso 49er, NFL Kids, Picture me Books, vg, 3.50
The Great NFL Fun Book II, good, 3.00
Joe Montana * Jerry Rice by Richard J Brenner, fair, tight binding, 2.00

Monday Night Football Club, Quarterback Exchange, I was john Elway, by Gordon  Korman, super, 2.50

Sportstars Quarterbacks by Jim Dufresne, McMahon, Elway, Fouts, Eason, good, 2.00
Super Bowl Super Quarterbacks by Joe Layden, vg, 2.50
Super Bowl Excitement, action of 28 Super Bowls, good, 2.50
Tiki and Ronde Barber Game Day, NFL Superstars, oversize pb, like new, 4.50
Playmakers Reader, NFL by Tim Poizer, new, 2.00
Rumbling Running Backs NFL, DK Reader, vg, 2.00
Quarterback Power NFL, new, 2.00
Hockey Superstars, Scholastic, 1998-1999, hottest names in the game, good, 2.25
Rebel Glory by Sigmund Brouwer, vg, 2.00
DK Superguides Soccer,
super, 2.25
Soccer, Sports Heroes by Mark Litteton, new, 2.75 (2)

Soccer Game! Hello Reader,level 1, good, 2.25

Matt Christopher 
At the Plate with...Ken Griffey Jr. vg, 2.00
*At the Plate with...Mo Vaughn, like new, 2.25
Baseball Flyhawk, super, 2.00
Baseball Pals, vg, 2.00 (2)
Catch That Pass! has name in cover, like new, 2.00
Catchers With a Glass Arm, vg, 2.00
Centerfield Ballhawk Matt Christopher, A Peach Street Mudders Story, new, 2.50
Dirt Bike Racer, vg, 2.00
*Dirt Bike Runaway, new, 2.50
Face-Off, vg, 2.00
*Football Nightmare by Matt Christopher, new,  2.50
Great Moments in Football History, good, 2.50
Hard Drive to Short, vg, 2.00
Hard Drive to Short, new, 2.25
*In the Huddle with Steve Young, new, 2.25
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers, super, 2.00 (2) 
Long Shot for Paul, vg, 1.50
Look Who's Playing First Base, new, 2.25
Miracle at the Plate, vg, 2.00
Mountain bike Mania, vg, 2.00
*On the Court With...Michael Jordan, new, 2.50
On the Court With...Shquille O'Neal, some warping, good, 1.50
On the Court With...Venus and Serena Williams, good, 1.50
On the Field with...Mia Hamm, super, 1.75
On the Halfpipe with...Tony Hawk, vg, 1.75
*On the Field With...Derek Jeter name on front, like new  2.00
Return of the Home Run Kid, vg, 1.50
Return of the Home Run Kid, new, 2.25
*Run Billy Run, like new, 2.00
Shoot For the Hoop, vg, 1.75
Shortstop from Tokyo, vg, 1.50
Snowboard Maverick, new,  1.75
Snowboard Showdown, new,  1.75
Soccer Duel, hb, ex-lib, 2.50
Soccer Halfback, vg, 1.50
*The Team that Couldn't Loose, new, 2.25
The Team that Stopped Moving, hb, ex-lib, good, 2.75
Undercover Tailback, vg, 2.25
*The Winning Stroke, new, 2.25

A Peach Street Mudders Story
Centerfield Ballhawk, Matt Christopher, crease, good, 1.50
Going For the Gold by Emily Marshal
Amber On the Line, even winners have to make tough choices, super, 1.25
Blame It on Chelsea, Is fearless Chelsea headed for a fall? super, 1.25

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