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          Raw Wholesome Recipes



  Fresh Lemonade Cider 
1 apple
2 lemon
1 T apple cider vinegar
Pinch sea salt (Himalayan or Celtic)
Fresh Mint for garnish
Juice it up. Add water to top it off as it is very potent



Homemade Hummus

1 lb chick peas
1 lemon squeezed 
5 T chopped garlic
3/4 C tahini
1 T sea salt

1/2 C sun dried tomatoes
1/4 C minced garlic
1/4 100% extra virgin olive oil 

Start by soaking peas over night, then cook 24 hours in crockpot on low. Add peas with water in vita mixer or blender and mix. Add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Mix your topping ingredients in mixer to make a slurry. Pour on top of hummus. I love to drizzle extra olive oil on top if hummus in a bowl. Enjoy!