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  Crayola Coloring Birthday Party       

This Crayola Coloring Birthday Party is 59.90 plus UPS shipping (15.95).  I accept paypal, check/MO. I accept paypal, check/MO. To pay for this party now using Paypal go to my Webstore
If you would rather send a check/MO, you can Contac me
or email me at
12  It's A Celebration Party Invitations
12 Invitation Envelopes

The Crayon Box That Talked, by Shane DeRolf,this book would be delightful to read at your Crayola Birthday Party.

1 Bottle of Glitter
1 Glue Stick
12 pieces 8 x 10 Paper, Blue/Yellow/Red/Green/Purple/Orange (for craft)
8 Heavy duty Placemats (for craft)
8 Designer Paper with Crayons across top (craft)
8 Purple - Loot Bags
1 Pin The Crayon on the Crayon Box Party Game

1 Purple Crepe Paper Streamers

3 color Shredded Paper, Blue/Yellow/Red/Orange/Green
1 lg Multi-colored Gift Bag
2 Green tissue paper to decorate gift bag

Blue/Yellow/Red/Orange/Green Balloons
1 bottle Confetti (decorate, crafts)

4 Mini water guns
1 Bag of Pixie Stix (prizes, favors)
8 24pk Crayola Crayons (favors, crafts)

1 Pillsbury Vanilla Funfetti Frosting
Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix
Multi-colored Candles
24 White Paper Muffin Tins

Paper Goods
Blue Tablecloth
8 Red Cups
8 Green Cups
20 Yellow Paper Plates
16 Orange Napkins
48 Yellow Plastic Forks/Knives/Spoons


Crayola Coloring Birthday Party Pics


Crayons and Balloons

 Shredded Paper, Funfetti Cake Mix, Frosting, Streamers

 Plates, Table Cloth, Cups, Candles, Napkins, Utinsels

 It's A Celebration Invitation & Envelopes

Large Decorater Bag, Tissue, Loot Bags, Construction Paper

Placemats for Crafts


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