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All books are reduced! New pricing is: 
PAPERBACKS are 1.50 and HARDBACKS/DVD/CD are 2.00 

Curriculum/Teachers Resources are 2.50 for paperbacks and 3.00 for hardbacks  

Butterflies  & Caterpillar

Insects & Bugs*
A Child's First Library of Learning Insect World, hb, good, 1.75
Discover Hidden World of Bugs, Golden, large pb, vg, 1.75
A First Look at Insects by Millicent E Selsam, hb, good, 1.75
Grub to Ladybug by Berger, new, 1.33
Let's Look at Some Insects by Ella Bruce, vg, 1.75
My Little Book of Bugs, Golden tell a Tale, hb, vg, 1.75
Insects, DK, good, 1.33
Insects, Golden, 1.33
Insects by Jeanne S Brouillette, hb, lib-discard, vg, 1.75
Let's Look at Insects by Harriet E Huntington, hb, lib-discard, vg, 1.75
A Picture Book of Insects, vg, 1.33
Who Am I, Sneak Peek Series, boardbook, good, 1.75

Activity Books
Draw 50 Creepy Crawlies, step by step way to draw bugs, by Lee J Ames, some edge roll, good, 1.75
Jumbo Bug Time, Kappa Activity, new, 1.33
Hidden Exoskeletons, Creature Camouflage Color Book, pg neatly done, super, 1.75
How to Draw Bugs, Troll, vg, 1.75
Let's Go Bugs! Coloring Book, w/3-D bug on back, 1.33 (2)
The Nature Sticker Book of Insects, some stickers done, vg,  1.33
Golden Books
Insects, Golden Book, excellent, 1.33

The Bug Book by Dr Hugh Danks, field guide, 1.75

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! DK Reader, beginning 2, super, 1.33

Busy Bugs Little Ladybug, boardbook, vg, 1.75

Bats by Carolyn MacLulich, excellent, 1.50
Bats A Nature Fact Book, vg, 1.50
Bats Eyes on Nature Series, like new, 1 .50
Magic School Bus Going Batty, book about Bats, good, 1.50
Vampire Bats and other creatures of the night, Young Observer, Kingfisher, super, 1.75
World's Weirdest Bats, vg, 1.50
Bats, All Aboard Reading, grade 1-3, good, 1.50 (2)
Baby Finds a Home, Step into Reading, grade 1-3, vg, 1.50
Flying Friends, Scholastic, super, 1.50
Zipping, Zapping, Zooming, Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, fair, 1.50

Bird Books*
Bermuda Petrel The Bird that Would Not Die by Francine Jacobs, hb, vg, 1.75
Birds, A Child First Book, Golden Book, front page missing, hb, 1.75
How and Why Wonder Book of Birds by Robert Mathewson, vg, 1.75
My Little Book of Birds, Merrigold Press, good, 1.75
Three River Junction Story of Alaskan Bald Eagle Preserve by Saranne Burnham, like new, 1.33
Upland Birds, Gray's Sporting Journal, issue 4, Vol 2, 1.33
Wings by Judy Nayer, great picture book of winged creatures, vg, 1.33
What is a Bird? Child's Golden Science Book, hb, fair, 1.75
Who am I Birds, Sneak a Peek Series, board book, missing 1 flap, fair, bb, 1.75

Bird Buddies, Better Homes and Gardens, Art/Crafts/Cooking/Science/nature, hb, good, 1.75
Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books, Birds, a few birds neatly colored, good, 1.33

I Can Read About Birds by Ellen Schultz, has name, super, 1.33
How to Draw Birds, good/fair, 1.33
Tony's Birds by Selsam, Science I Can Read hb, vg, 1.75


The Bird Book by Karen Dawe, 1.33

BirdTalk, December 2010, like new, 1.33
BirdTalk, February 2010, like new, 1.33
BirdTalk, April 2010, like new, 1.33
BirdTalk, July 2010, like new, 1.33

Bird Care
Canaries A Complete Pet Owner's Manual, Barron's, has name, good, 1.33
Lovebirds A Complete Pet Owner's Manual, Barron's, like new, 1.33

Chicks & Ducks
Be Patient Little Chick, Little Animal Adventures, hb, vg, 1.75
Dabble the Duckling by Jan Burton, How Your Pet Grows! vg, 1.33
The Little Duck, Random House Pictureback, vg, 1.33
My Chickens
, Welcome Books by Heather Miller, like new, 1.33

The ABC's of Cockatiels by Wildried Loeding, hb, has partialy loose page, good, 1.75

Goodbye, Goose by Patricia Clark, vg, 1.33
Windy: The Snow Goose, Wildlife Stories, ex-lib, good, 1.75


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