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Lisa L

One-Minute Bible Stories New Testament by Shari Lewis, FREE w/purchase

Hammond's Atlas of the Bible Lands by Harry Thomas Frank, vg, 5.50

3 Card Games, Bible Heroes, Bible Go Fish, Bible Trivia, new, 3.25
3 Card Games, Bible Heroes, Bible Memory Match, Bible Trivia, new, 3.25

Bible Reference Library, 3 in 1 in case, Bible Almanac, Fascinating Bible Facts, Who's Who in the Bible, still in shrink, new, 12.50
Bibles - Dictionary - Trivia
The Awesome Book of Bible Trivia by Bob Phillips, vg, 4.00
The Beginners Bible For Toddlers by Carolyn Nabors Baker, has name, vg, 3.75*
A Child's First Bible, hb, has name, super, 4.75
The Children's Bible in 365 Stories, thick hb, has name, vg, 7.50
The Complete Book of Bible Trivia, hb, like new, 5.50
*Fun Facts About the Bible You Never Knew by Robyn Martins, like new, 1.25
Holy Bible, The New Testament, NIV, Childrens Bible, fair/good, 1.75
The Great Kingdom Caper, Cracking Character Code, New Testament, vg, 3.00
My Little Bible (pocket book )retold by Mary Hollingsworth, hb, name in cover, vg, 2.50
My Little Prayers (pocket book) compiled by Brenda Ward, hb, excellent, 3.00
My Little Prayers (pocket book) compiled by Brenda Ward, hb, vg, 2.00
My Little Psalm (pocket book) compiled by Brenda Ward, hb, like new, 3.00
My Very First Golden Bible, hb, vg, 6.50
New Testament Ricksaw Rally, ABC Edition, Holman Standard Bilbe, excellent, 1.75
New Testament/Pslams (KIV), blue leather (pocket), baby, ready for engraving, new, 4.25
New Testament w/Psalms & Proverbs, Gideon, red leather, free (3)
New Testament w/Psalms & Proverbs, Gideon, green leather, free
One Year Bible for Kids Challenge Edition, vg, 4.50
One Year Book of Poetry, 365 devotional readings, has 2 poems cut out, vg, 4.50
The One Year Bible, NIV, fair, 4.00
The One Year Devotional Guide, new, 3.25
*The Picture Bible for Little People, hb w/carry handle, has name, like new, 4.50
Precouis Moments for Marriage (pocket), silver pages, like new, 5.50
Psalty's Kids Bible, New International Version, hb, super, 5.50

Bible Devotions, Prayer Journals, Ministry
103 Questions Children Ask About Right from Wrong

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, 101 Stories, has inscription, like new, 2.50
Great Adventures by Sigmund Brouwer, great stories & devotions, vg, 4.50
Devotions for Girls Ages 2-5, God and Me!, Criss Cross Collection, vg, 4.50
Growing with Jesus,100 Daily Devot by Andy Holmes, for young, hb, super, 6.00
My Daily Prayer Journal, green patches w/flowers, pretty, spiral, new, 3.50
*The Salty Scarecrow Solution by Nancy Simpson Levene, good, 3.00
by David R Veerman, James C Galvin, vg, 1.50
Portraits of Perseverance, 100 Meditations from Job by Henry Gariepy, vg, 3.25
The Prayer Journey for Kids by Fredi Trammell, good, 3.75

Jewish Learning
Chanukah Is Here! by L J Goodman, flaped boardbook, new, 4.50 (3)
Dream, A Jewish Bedtime Story by Howard M Kurtz, new, 3.75
Eight Candles to Light A Chanukah Story by Jonny Zucker, damaged, .50
Latkes and Applesauce A Hanukkah Story by Fran Manushkin, vg, 3.75
Oh Chanukah! by LJ Goodman, 6 big flaps, boardbook, like new, 3.50
The Story of Passover by Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg, boardbook, like new, 3.50

My Chanukah coloring/activity Book, few pages done, good, 2.00
*Hanukkah Hidden Pictures Coloring book, like new, 3.75

*Bible Crafts and More for Ages 2-4, 100 Bible Crafts, like new, 10.50
Compassionate Kids, Practical was to involve your students in Missions and Service by Jim Hancock, vg, 4.00

*How Do We Know the Bible Is True by Lynn Waller, vg, 3.00
Kindergarten Bible Study Guide, Grace Link Sabbath, vg, 2.00

*I Am Special, Preschool Religious Educ Program, We're All God's Children, activity book, new, 10.50

*Josh McDowell's Friendship 911 Workbook, Life's toughest issues, super, 6.75

Recruiting, Training, and Developing Volunteer Youth Workers by David Roadcup, good, 5.50

*Reflections on the Nature of God by Martin E Marty, great, 9.50

Snip & Tell Bible Stories, captivate child w/simple paper cutouts that unfold as the story is told by Karyn Henley, spiral, vg, 10.50

*Teaching Our children to Pray by Susan L Lingo, patterns, pictures and reporducible charts, vg, 7.50

Heritage Builders
*Basic Christian Beliefs: Creating Lasting Impressions for the Next Generation by Weidmann, Heritage Builders, super, 8.50

*Christian Character Qualities: Creating Lasting Impressions for the Next Generation by Weidmann, Heritage Builders, super, 8.50

Max Lucado
He Still Moves Stones by Lucado, new, 6.75
No Wonder They Call Him The Savior, by Lucado, name, super, 4.00
*Six Hours One Friday by Lucado, new, 4.50

Bruce Wilkinson
A Life God Rewards, hb, new, 2.50
A Life God Rewards, hb, has inscription, super, 2.25
Secrets of the Vine, hb, new, 2.50

Bible Stories for Young
Bible Stories for Bedtime, Humble Creek, great, 3.50

Biographies & Non-Fiction
*4 in 1, Bible Heroes, featuring  Noah, Joseph, David, Daniel, new, 3.25
4 in 1, The Son of God, featuring miracles/parables Jesus, 12 Disciples, new, 3.25
The Best of Dwight L Moody edited by ralph Turnbull, Summit, 4.50
*Commentary on Romans by Martin Luther, new, 11.50
Francis and Clare Saints of Assisi by Helen Walker Homan, vg, 4.0
Freeda Harris, Woman of Prayer by Ethel McIndoo, Meet the Missionaries, vg, 3.75

Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime
by Geoff Benge, Christian Heroes, Then and Now, fair, tight, 4.00

Hattie Gardner: Determined Adventurer by Judy Latham, Meet the Missionaries, hb, vg, 3.50

Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot, vg, 5.50
Samuel Morris Apostle of Simple Faith, Heroes of the Faith, super, 5.25

With Daring Faith, Biography of Amy Carmichael by Rebecca H Davis, Bob Jones University, good, 5.50

Trailblazer Books
The Betrayer's Fortune, Menno Simons by Dave Jackson, vg, 4.00
Biographies - Chrisitian Library Pocket Books
D L Moody the Great Evangelist, vg, 1.25
D L Moody the Great Evangelist, new, 1.50
Fun Bible Trivia, good, 1.25
Peter, new, 1.50
Samuel Morris, new, 1.5- (2)
Children's Bible, 10 Stories on audio CD, vol 6, includes John Baptist, Gabriel visits Mary, Birth Christ, Wise Men and more, new, 3.50

*A Child Was Born, A First Nativity Book by Grace Maccarone, Scholastic, new, 4.00

Children's Bible Books
Animated Stories From Old Testament by Nest 
David and Goliath, Activity Resource Book, like new, 3.75
He Is Risen, video, vg,  4.25

Arch Books  
2 Men in the Temple, super, 1.75
Armond and the First Christmas, vg, 1.50
Baby Jesus Visits the Temple, like new, 2.00 
*The Baby Born in a Stable, vg, 1.75
Born on Christmas Morn, vg, 1.50
*The Boy and a Sling, like new, 2.00
The Boy who Gave His Lunch Away, ex-lib, vg, 1.25
The Boy Who Ran Away, good, 1.50 (2)
The Boy Who Was Lost, fair, 1.25
The Boy With a Sling, ex-lib, vg, 2.00
Camel's Hair and Honey, like new, 2.00
The Coming of the Holy Spirit, super, 1.75
Daniel in the Lions' Den, like new, 2.00 (2)
The Day God Made it Rain, good, 1.50
The Day the Little Children Came, vg, 1.50
The Easter Women, super, 1.75
The Fall of Jericho, super, 1.75
The Fall into Sin, super, 1.75
God, I've Gotta Talk to You! good, 1.50 (2)
God Promised Us a Savior, super, 1.75
*The Good Samaritan, vg, 1.75
He Didn't Mind Getting Wet, good, 1.50
*He's Risen! He's Alive! new, 3.50
*The Jailer Who Changed His Mind, like new, 1.75
Jesus, the Good Shepherd, vg, 2.00
Jon and the Little Lost Lamb, good, 1.50
Kiri and the First Easter, good, 1.50
The Little Boat That Almost Sank, How Jesus Stopped the Storm, vg, 1.75
The Lord's Prayer, super, 1.25
*The Man Who Changed His Name, like new, 2.50
The Man Who Changed His Name, 33 1/3 record in sleeve, 2.50
Mary's Christmas Story, vg, 1.50 (2)
*Mary and Martha's Dinner Guest, like new, 2.25
Moses and the 10 Plagues, good, 2.00
*The Most Wonderful King, Arch Books, vg, 2.25
The Night the Angels Sang, vg 1.50
Noah's Ark, fair 1.50
The Pearl That Changed A Life, good, 1.75
The Princess and the Baby, vg, 1.50
The Prodigal Son, vg, 1.50
*The Princess and the Baby, new, 2.00 (2)
The Queen Who Saved Her People, super, 1.75
Samson's Secret, good, 1.50
The Secret Journey, good, 1.50
The Secret of the Star, fair, 1.25
Sing a Song of Gladness, super, 1.25
*The Shepherd's Christmas, vg, 1.50
A Song for Joseph, A Christmas Story for Children, vg, 2.00
The Story of Creation, vg, 2.00
Three Men Who Walked in Fire, super, 1.75
Three Presents for Baby Jesus, super, 1.75
What's for Lunch?, super, 1.75
The World God Made, Story of Creation, good, 1.50

Bible Audio / X-Box
The Bible Game for x-box, new, opened but never played, 5.50

Dear God
Activity Books
Dear God Kids Coloring Book, vg, 1.25 (2)
Dear God I'm Ready When You Are!! Coloring, vg, 2.50
Board Books
Dear God, Guess What...I'm ready To Listen Now!
Dear God, If I Was a Star...I's Like To Be a Very Bright One like new, 2.50
Dear God, If There's a Meaning For Every Word...Is There a Reason For Everything?  vg, 2.50
like new, 2.75

*Dear God, Thank You for Friends, vg, 2.50 (2)
Dear God, Thanks for Thinking Up Love, like new, 2.75 (2)

Golden Books - Bible
Daniel in the Lions Den, excellent, 1.50
The Lord is My Shepherd, super 1.75
Noah's Ark, vg, 1.25 (3)
The Story of Jesus like new, 1.75
The Story of Jonah, vg, 1.50
The Story of Jonah, like new, 1.75

David & Goliath
David and Goliath, Golden Book, vg, 1.50
David and Goliath Coloring & Actitivity, new, 1.25

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark, vg, 1.25 (3)
Noah's Ark, Coloring/ Activity, new, 1.50

Noah's Ark, Step-into-Reading preschool-grade 1, vg, 2.25

Bible Golden
The Little Golden Book of Hymns, a Little Golden Book, vg, 2.25 (4)
My Little golden Book About God, new, 2.50
Prayers For Children by Eloise Wilkin, vg, 2.50 (3)
Prayers For Children by Eloise Wilkin, good, 2.25

My Little Book About Leap Frog
The Birth of Jesus, vg, .75
Daniel in the Lions' Den, vg, .75
David & Goliath, vg, .75
Jonah & the Whale, vg, .75
The Miracle of Easter, vg, .75
Noah's Ark, vg, .75
Prayers & Poems, vg, .75

Precious Moments
Little Prayers, boardbook, vg, 2.25
Autumn Adventures, boardbook, 2.00
Little Thank-You's, boardbook, good, 1.75

Activity Books
Angels on Assignment, Coloring & Acitivity, like new, 1.00 (2)
Learn & color Workbook, new, .50
Learn & Color Workbook, perferated pages, learn & color (write, add, read, count, letters), vg, 1.75 (2)
Love Last Forever, Precious Moments Coloring book, like new, 1.25

Bible Books - Child
3 in 1 (A Picture of God) by Joanne Marxhausen, vg, 3.25
Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, fair, 2.25
The Angel Academy by Misty Taggart, modern angel tales, hb, new, 6.50
*Animals of the Bible by Mary Hoffman, oversize hb, new, 7.50
*Bible ABC, by Eric Metaxas, hb, like new, inscription inside cover, 3.50
Bible Stories for Little People by Ruth Johnson, good, 3.50
Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, Scholastic, vg, 3.00
Children's Bible Stories, NT, vg, 1.25
*Daniel and the Lions, Usborne Bible Tales, vg, 3.00
*The Day Mama Played, Story hope based on Gospel John, super, 3.25
Designed by God, So I Must be Special by Character Builders, hb, vg, 6.50
Easter Lost and Found, The Story of Jesus w/daily devotions, seek find, great, 2.00
*The Easter Story by Patricia A Pingry, new, 2.25
*Family Time Bible Stories, Adam & Eve, hb, 2.50
*Family Time Bible Stories, David & Goliath, hb, 2.50
*First He Made the Sun by Harriet Ziefert, Picture Puffin, new, 5.00
God's Little Instuction Book For Kids, .like new, .75
I Can Pray to God by Sandra Brooks, like new, 2.50
*I Wanted to Know All about God by Virginia L Kroll, hb, excellent, 4.50
Illustrated Classic Editions Stories From the Bible, OT & NT, good, 1.75
Jesus Lives! The Story of Jesus for Children by Ron, Lyn Klug, vg, 2.00
The Jesus Story, vg, 1.00
Joshua by Joseph F. Girzone, like new, 3.75
Marian's Favorite Bible Stories by Marian Schoolland, vg, 5.50
*Moses in the Bulrushes, boardbook, vg, 2.75
Noah and the Great Flood, a Bible Adventure Book, excellent, 2.25
Noah Saves the Animals, Beginners Bible, vg, 1.00
One-Minute Bible Stories New Testament by Shari Lewis, good, 4.00
One-Minute Bible Stories Old Testament by Shari Lewis, good, 4.00
*Secrets of the Vine for Little Ones by Bruce Wilkinson, boardbook, new, 2.50
A Ship in a Storm on the Way to Tarshish by Normaa Farber, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.50
*Someday Heaven by Larry Libby, hb, new, 6.50
The Story of Jonah, Read Along With Me, hb, has name, great, 3.00
*Susies's Afraid of the Dark, Ark Angels, new, 2.5
The Ten Commandments, Cherckerboard Press, vg, .75
What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Little Play-a-Song, vg, 2.50
*What Would Jesus Do? Charles M Sheldon Classic retold for children, hb, vg 5.50

Hurray for the Lord's Army (Gideno)! Hear Me Read, fair, 1.75
*The Story of David, Scholastic, Read and Learn Bible Story, new, 2.50

Children's Classic
*Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Children's Classics, hb, like new, 4.50
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Children's Classics, hb, like new, 4.50
The Story of the first Easter, Children's Classics, hb, like new, 4.50
*The Story of Moses, Children's Classics, hb, like new, 4.50

Bible Activity Books
Awesome Bible Activities, , puzzels and fun, good, 1.00
The Bible Coloring Book, pictures from OT & NT, vg, 2.25
Bible Heroes Coloring and Activity Book, new, 1.00
Bible Jumbo, Coloring & Activity book, new, 1.25
The Bible Coloring Book, pictures from OT & NT, like new, 2.50
Bible Stories Coloring Book, The Greatest Stories Ever Told, new, 1.00
Bible Word Search New Testament, word finds, 1st puzzel done, great, .50
Bible Word Search Old Testament, word finds, 1st puzzel done, great, .50
The Big Book of Bible Activities, easy tear out pages, like new, 2.50 
The Big Book of Bible Activities, Book 1, like new, 2.50
The Big Book of Bible Puzzles, Book 1, like new, 2.50
The Big Book of Bible Puzzles, Book 2, like new, 2.50
Children's Bible Stories, OT stories to read & color, Kappa Activity, like new, 2.25
Family Entertainment Network Activity Book 2, like new, 4.50
The Great Bible Big Fun Activity Book from the OT and NT, new, 2.50
The Great Bible Q & A Book from the Old and New Testament, new, 2.50
In the Garden coloring/activity with inspiring stories! 112 pages, new, 2.00
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, sticker & activity, new, 2.00
Kappa Bible Word Finds volume 3, good, .75
The Miracles of Jesus, Nest, Animated Storeis from NT, activity, new, 4.00
Moses and the Ten Commandments, Coloring & Activity, good, .50
Moses and the Ten Commandments, puzzle, new, 1.25
Now That I'm a Christian by William E Young, new, 2.25
Proverbs Puzzles, Messages With Meaning by Fannie L Houck, vg, 2.00
The Story Keepers Activity Book, based on videos, like new, 2.75
Teach Me About the Life of Jesus, discussion/activities young child, super, 3.00
Tell Me about Jesus, Activities 9 stories from Bible, new, 2.50
Tide Pool Bible Book, S C U B A, new, 1.50
A Very Big Fun Activity Bible Book, New & Old Testament, vg, 2.00

The Beginners Bible
*Alphabet & Letters, Preschool, new, 2.00
The Beginners Bible For Toddlers by Carolyn Nabors Baker, name, vg, 3.75*
The Beginner's Puzzle Bible, 6 puzzles, like new, 8.50
Book of Prayers, cloth, like new, 6.50
*Colors & Shapes, Preschool, new, 2.00
First Bible Words, boardbook, vg, 2.50
*Numbers & Counting, Preschool, like new, 1.75
The Story of Jonah & the Whale, Paint with Water, new, 1.50
Scriptures & Teachings, The Book of Genesis, new, 2.25
Scriptures & Teachings, The Birth of Jesus, new, 2.25
Scriptures & Teachings, The First Rainbow, new, 2.25
Scriptures & Teachings, Jonah and the Big Fish, new, 2.25

Bible Activity- Teacher Created Materials
Bible Brainteasers,  ages 5-9, new, 7.50
Bible Crafts, ages 5-9, super, 7.50

Bible Sticker and Activity Book
The Birth of Jesus, like new, 2.50
David and Goliath, like new, 2.50
Moses in the Bulrushes, like new, 2.50
Noah's Ark, like new, 2.50
Merrigold Press
The Birth of Jesus, new, .1.00
The Creation, Merrigold Bible Stories, vg, 1.50
David and Goliath, new, 1.00
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, new, 1.00
The Life of Jesus, like new, 1.00
The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, Merrigold Bible Story, super, 1.50
The Stories Jesus Told Coloring Book, new, 1.00

Stories & Series Books  
Accidental Detectives by sigmund Brouwer
The Mystery Tribe of camp Blackeagle, super,

Adventures in the Kingdom by Diane Layton
*Rescued From the Dragon, new, 3.00

Adventure Odyssey by Paul McCusker
Behind the Locked Door, Focus on Family, great, 3.25
Freedom Run, Focus on Family, vg, 3.25
Strange Journey Back, Focus on Family, great, 3.25

Christy Miller Series
A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn, Focus on Family, name, good, 3.25

Cooper Kids Adventure by Frank Peretti
#2 Escape From Island of Aquaruis, vg, 2.50
#5 *The Secret of the Desert Stone, vg, 2.50
#6 The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey, vg, 2.50

A Daring Adventure
 Stalked in the Catacombs, A Daring Adventure by Peter Reese Doyle, vg, 3.25
Trapped in Pharaoh's Tomb by Peter Reese Doyle, vg, 3.50

Ladd Family Adventure by Lee  Roddy
Secret of the Pit, Focus Family, has name, vg, 3.25

Reel Kids Adventure by Dave Gustaveson
*The Amazon Stranger, new, 3.50
The Stolen Necklace, new, 3.50
Seven Sleepers Series by Gilbert L Morris
*Flight for the Eagles, super, 3.75


#1 The Vanishing, good, 1.50 (2)
#2 Second Chance, like new, 2.00 (2)
#4 Facing the Future, vg, 2.00
#5 Nicolae High, super, 1.50
#6 The Underground, new, 2.00 (3)
#7 Busted, good, 1.50
#10 On the run, like new, 1.75  (2)
#12 Earthquake!, new, 2.00 (2)
#18 Darkening Skies, fair, 1.50
#25 History in the Making, vg 1.50
Adult Books
Assassins, Assignment, Jerusalem, Target Antichrist, new, 4.50
Armageddon, The Cosmic Battle of the Ages Armageddon, good, 2.75
*Desecration, Antichrist Takes the Throne, new, 4.00
Desecration, Antichrist Takes the Throne, vg, 2.50 
Glorious, The End of Days Appearing, vg, 2.75
The Indwelling, The Beast Takes Possession, new, 4.00 (2)
Left Behind, A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, like new, 3.50 (2)
*The Mark, The beast rules the World, like new, 4.00
*Nicolae, The Rise of Antichrist, like new, 4.00
Nicolae, The Rise of Antichrist, vg, 3.00
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, name in page, vg, 2.75 (2) 
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, new, 3.25  
Soul Harvest, The World Takes Sides, like new, 3.50 (2)
Soul Harvest, The World Takes Sides, vg, 3.00
Tribulation Force The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind, new, 4.00 (2)

Assassins, Assignment, Jerusalem, Target Antichrist, hb, new, 4.50
Apollyon, The Destroyer is Unleashed, hb, new, 4.50
Desecration, Antichrist Takes the Throne, hb, new, 4.50
The Indwelling, The Beast Takes Possession, hb, new, 4.50
The Remnant on the Brink of Armageddon, hb, new, 4.50

The Greatest Book Ever Written by Fulton Oursler, good, 3.25
John Son of Thunder by Ellen Gunderson Traylor, vg, 3.25
King of Kings by Malachi Martin, epic novel of Life of David, adult fiction, 2.50
Piercing the Darkness by Frank E Peretti, vg, 4.50
This Present Darkness by Frank E Peretti, vg, 4.50
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller, fair, 3.00

We Just Want to Live Here by Amal Rifa'i and Adelia Ainbinder, friendship of Palestinian teenager and Israeli teenager, like new, 4.00

Margorie Holmes
The Messiah by Marjorie Holmes, a bit yellowed, tight, good, 3.50
Three from Galilee: The Young Man from Nazareth
by Marjorie Holmes, good, 3.50
Hannah Hurnbard
Mountains of Spices, allegory about human weakness, excellent, 3.75

Mandie Series by Lois Gladys Leppard
#1Mandie and the Secret Tunnel, dog chew, fair, 2.00
#2 Mandie and the Cherokee Legend, vg, 2.75
#20 *Mandie and the Windmill's Message, new, 3.75
#21 *Mandie and the Fiery Rescue, new, 3.75
#23 *Mandie and the Dangerous Imposters, new, 3.75
*Who's Mandie? super, 3.25

Beverly Lewis
The Brethren, like new, 4.50

Frank Peretti
Piercing the Darkness by Peretti, fair, 2.75
This Present Darkness by Peretti, fair, 2.75

Michael Phillips
The Stonewycke Trilogy, 3 in 1, Bethany House Publishers, new, 9.50


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