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Lisa Luneau
Hands-On Minds-On Science, Space, Teacher Created Materials, Primary, vg, 5.50

Space and the Planets, a skill-builder activity book, Brighter Vision 
Workbook, vg, 3.00

Astronomy, Planets, Space & Solar System
Astronomy Planets, Stars & Cosmos, Franklin Watts Science World, hb, super, 6.00
A Book about Planets by Betty Polisar Reigot, good, 1.50
The Book of Planets by Clint Twist, super, 4.00
*Destination Space by Seymour Simon, new, 4.00
Don't Know Much About Space by Kenneth C Davis, like new, 4.50
Explore the World of Space and the Universe, lg hb, name, vg, 8.90
*Exploring Space by Lesley Sims, like new, 3.25
Exploring Your Solar System, National Geographic, hb, great, 7.50
*Extraordinary Solar System, Scholastic, like new, 4.00
*Eyes on Adventure Exploring Space, new, 1.75
The Fantastic Cutaway Book of Spacecraft by Nigel Hawkes, good, 4.50
Golden Look Book, Amazing Space Facts, pb, super, 2.25
The Henry Holt Guide to Astronomy, David Baker, vg, 5.00
How to Survive in Outer Space by Anita Ganeri, vg, 3.25
*If You Were an Astronaut, Golden Look Book, has name, g, 2.25
Look to the Night Sky, Intro to Star Watching by Seymour Simon, lib-dis, good, 4.00
Magic School Bus, Hello Out There, new, 3.25
Magic School Bus, Lost in the Solar System, vg 2.50 (2)
Magic School Bus, Out of This World, Space Rocks, vg 2.50
Magic Tree House # 8, Midnight on the Moon by Mary Osborne, vg, 2.25
My First Book About Space, Q & A book, Golden Look Book, good, 1.25 (2)
My First Book About Space, Q & A book, Golden Look Book, new, 1.75
My Picture Book of the Planets by Nancy E Krulik, good, 2.50
Night Sky, DK Eyewitness Explorers, vg, 1.25
Our Amazing Sun Q & A Book, Troll,has name, good, 3.25
*Our Solar System by Seymour Simon, hb, like new, 5.25
*Our Solar System by Ian Graham, Scholastic, vg, 4.00
*Planets by Kim Jackson, Troll, vg, 2.50
The Planets, Random House All-About Books, like new, 3.00
*Postcards From Pluto A Tour of the Solar System by Loreen Leedy, great, 3.90
Puzzle Journey into Space by Lesley Sims, Usborne Puzzle Journey, fair, 2.25
See in 3-D, Planets by Seymour Simon, no glasses, super, 3.25
Science Dictionary of Space by James Richardson, super, 3.00
*Space, World Book, Discover Space, oversize pb, has some creases, good, 4.50
Space Stars, Planets and Spacecraft, See & Explore DK, good, 4.75
The Space Explorer's Guide to the Universe, Scholastic, vg, 3.75
The Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy & Space, excellent, 7.50
Willowisp Guides, Rockets and Missiles, vg, 1.50
Willowisp Guides, Stars and Planets, vg, 1.50
The Young Astronomers, Usborne Guide, vg, 4.50
The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy by Jackqueline Mitton, hb, new, 15.00

An Educational Coloring Book of Planets, 2.00
Astronomy for Every Kid, 101 Easy Experiment, Janice VanCleave, like new, 6.00
How to Draw Spacecraft, Usborne, vg, 2.75
Outer Space Coloring/ Activity, great, 2.50
Space Adventures, Coloring & Activity Book, super, 2.25
Space Amazing Facts Activity Book, 1 page written on, vg, 1.50
Space Station, complete easy to assemble model, hours of fun! new, 4.50

Golden Books
Amazing Space Facts, Golden Book, vg, 1.25

Kids Discover, Solar System, also has Egypt and Blood, vg, 2.25
Planets Around the Sun by Seymour Simon, See More Readers, new, 2.50
The Solar System, World Discovery Science Reader, Scholastic, vg, 2.75
I Can read About Planets, Troll, vg, 2.25 (2)

Asteroids, Black Holes, Comets & Planets
*Black Holes and Other Space Phenomena, Young Observer, Scholastic, vg, 3.75
Cosmic Light Shows by Bobbie Kalman, hb, lib-discard, vg, 4.50
Comets, Meteors and Asteroids by Seymour Simon, good, 2.75
How Did We Find Out about Comets? by Isaac Asimov, vg, 1.25
It's A Comet! The Story of Halley's Comet by William E Peace, good, 3.25
Target Earth! Asteroid Collisions Past and Future by Jon Erickson, good, 4.50

Destination Jupiter by Seymour Simon, vg, 2.75
Destination Jupiter by Seymour Simon, good, 2.25

Discovering Mars, Amazing Story of the Red Planet, by Melvin Berger, vg, 2.50
Mars by Seymour Simon, vg, 2.75

Mazes on Mars by Patrick Merrell, assortment of astronomical mazes,vg, 2.25

First on the Moon, I Was There Book, by Barbara Hener, great, 5.50
The Moon by Seymour Simon, Scholastic, vg, 3.75
The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn Brandley, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.25
Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies, Rainbow Reading, vg, 2.25

Kids Discover, Moon, vg, 2.25

Passage to Pluto by High Walters, hb, Weekly Reader, super, 3.25
Pluto by Gregory L Vogt, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.50
Postcards from Pluto, Tour of the Solar System by Loreen Leedy, good, 3.50

Saturn, A New True book, vg, 3.50
The Adventure Book of Stars by Thomas Nicholson Astron Space guide to sky, vg, 6.50
Discovering the Stars by Laurence Santrey, good, 1.75
Do Stars Have Points? Q & A about stars by Melvin Berger, vg 3.00
Do Your Know About Stars? by Mae Blacker Freeman, vg, 2.00 (2)
Magic School Bus, See Stars, about stars, stickers already on, great, 2.25
Outrageous Outer Space, Troll, missing 3-D glasses, vg, 1.25
*Pennsylvania Starwatch by Mike Lynch, Essential Guide to night sky, hb, new, 15.00
*Seeing Stars by James Muirden, has name, vg, 3.90
Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner, Scholastic, good, 2.50
Wonder Why book of Stars by Parrick Moore, vg, 2.50

Morning Star by Patricia Johnson, 1st grade level, vg, 1.50
The Sky is Full of Stars, Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, stage 2, good, 2.25
Stars, All Aboard Reading, pre-school-grade 1, great, 2.50
Stars Near & Far, Troll First-Start Science, great, 1.25

Fire of Life, The Smithsonian Book of the Sun, lg hb, dj has wear, excellent, 10.50
How the Sun Was Brought Back to the Sky by Mirra Ginsburg, hb, fair, 3.50

I Wonder Why the Sun Rises and questions about time and seasons, Check-fil-A, super, 1.90

The Sun Our Nearest Star, Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, hb, like new, 3.50
Our Amazing Sun Q & A Book, Troll, hb, has name, excellent, 4.25
Golden Book
My First Book of the Planets, Golden Book, vg, 1.25
If You Were An Astronaut, Golden Book, good, 1.25

Planets Around the Sun by Seymour Simon, See More Readers, good, 2.00

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