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pray for her sontined peace and trust In God

over a year ago by Sharon Pray for me
During her time of sorrow and loss. Her husband of 50 years passed away and she is all alone .

unity within my children & husband

over a year ago by Alice Henderson Pray for me
Please remember my family in your prayers--I have 4 children from my previous marriage and one child with my current husband. My first husband has not been active as a father and my current husband has taken the lead role to the best of his ability (and then some) But, I can tell the hurt remains with my 4 older children that their real father did not live up to their desire for his role as their dad.

Brain Tumor found in 11 year old

over a year ago by Cameron Hicks Pray for me
Please pray that this tumor is nothing very serious and that the surgery goes well with quick healing and no lasting issues as a result. And for financial worries to be lifted from family due to medical expenses.


over a year ago by karen Pray for me
prayer agreement for healing from allergies alot in the eyes asthma sinus,. be healed in jesusname thanks god bless