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Amphibians Alligators Dino Reptile Snakes

I have the following books for sale. I accept paypal, checks/MO. I ship my books media mail and combine shipping. Insurance is available upon request. All books are paperback unless otherwise marked. You can contact me or email me at
National Geographic Explorer! Chameleons and other Quick Change Artist, super, 3.00
Kids Discover, Everglades, good, 2.25

Amphibians, Reptiles
Along the Luanguwa Story of African Floodplain by Schuyler Bull, vg, 4.00
*Incredible Little Monsters, Snap Shot, by Christopher Maynard, like new, 3.00
Kerplunk! by Craig Hammersmith, Spyglass books,  hb, ex-lib, good, 2.75
Reptiles and Amphibians, stickers done, vg, 2.25
Reptiles and How They Grow, vg, 2.00
Time For Lunch, great photos, new, 1.25
Where's That Reptile? Hide & Seedk Science by Barbara Brenner, good, 3.50
World's Wierdest Reptiles, vg, 1.25

All About Reptiles Activity, good, 1.25

Reptiles and Amphibians of the World, Simon & Schuster's, vg, 4.50

Sting! Book About Dangerous Animals, Hello Reader Science, grade 1-2, like new, 2.25
I Can Read About Reptiles by David Cutts, good, 2.00

Alligators & Crocodiles
All About Alligators by Jim Arnosky, like new, 3.75
An Audubon Reader Alligators by Ada Graham, hb, ex-lib, good, 5.00
Amazing Crocodiles & Reptiles, Eyewitness Juniors, vg, 3.00
The American Alligator by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, hb, ex-lib, vg, 6.00
Animals Predators, Crocodiles by Sandra markle, vg, 4.25
Animals in the Wild, Crocodile & Alligator by Vincent Serventy, good, 1.50
*The Great Outdoors Book of Alligators and Other Crocodilia by Dick Bothwell, super, 5.75
How to Hide a Crocodile & Other Reptiles by Ruth Heller, good, 2.50
I  Wonder Why Crocodiles Float Like Logs About animal camoufage, new, 1.75
Know it Alls, Crocodiles! like new, 2.00
The Life Cycle of the Crocodile by Paula Z Hogan, hb, lib-dis, good, 4.00
Top Secret Alligators! by Goodwin, story, hb, good, 3.75
Underwater Killers by Steve Parker, alligator on cover, great, 2.75
*Baby Alligator All Aboard Reading, level 2 (Gr 1-3), by Ginjer L Clarke, good, 2.00 (2)
Snap! Book about Alligators & Crocodiles, Hello Reader, gr 1-2, marks, vg, 2.25
*Snap! Book about Alligators & Crocodiles, Hellow Reader, gr 1-2, new, 2.75

Chameleons are Cool by Martin Jenkins, learn about chameleons, vg, 3.50 (2)
Essential Care of Chameleons by Philippe de Vosjoli, good, 3.00

Colorful Cameleons! Step into Reading, grade 1-3, great, 2.25

Frogs & Toads
The Fascinating World of Frogs and Toads, Barron's, vg, 2.75
Frogs by Carolyn MacLulich, Reading Discovery, vg, 1.75
*Tadpoles by Betsy James, Scholastic, has name, vg, 4.75
Tadpole and Frog by Christine Back, Stopwatch books, good, 2.75
*Why is a Frog Not a Toad? by Q L Pearce, animal differences, has name, super, 4.50

Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs, Barrons Complete Pet Owner Guide, vg, 3.50

Fantastic Frogs! Hello Reader Science, level 2. vg, 2.25
Frogs, All Aboard Reading, preschool-grade 1, fair, 1.75
*From Tadpole to Frog, Let's read and Find Out Science, stage 1, vg, 2.50
How to Raise a Happy Tadpole, McGraw Hill, vg, 2.25
Tale of a Tadpole, DK Reader, beginning, fair,  water damage, 1.75

Eyes on Nature, Lizards, vg, 3.00 
Snakes and Lizards by Daniel Moreton, Scholastic, good, 1.50
Amazing Lizards! Hello Reader Science, Kind- grade 2, vg, 2.25
All About Rattlesnakes by Jim Arnosky, like new, 3.50
Anacondas, Watermill, vg, 2.25
Can Snakes Crawl Backward? Q & A about Reptiles, vg, 4.00
Coral Snakes, Snake Discovery Library, Watermill Press, vg, 2.00
*Guide to Owning a Ball Python vg, 4.00
The How and Why Sticker Book of Snakes, stickers neatly applied, vg, 2.00
I  Wonder Which Snake is the Longest, About animal records, new, 1.75
King Snake by Burke Davis, biography of a King Snake, vg, 3.00
Kingsnakes, Watermill Press, good, 1.50
Let's Investigate Snakes by Melissa Gish, great, 3.50
A Look Around Snakes by janet lambert, good, 2.25
Pythons Giant Snakes by Paula Taylor, vg, 2.25
Rattlesnake Dance hb, by Jim Arnosky, vg, 7.50
Snakes! Know-It-Alls, by Christopher Nicholas, vg, 1.50
Snakes, A Phot-Fact Book, Kids Books, new, 1.50
Snakes by Carolyn MacLulich, has name, like new, 2.50
Snakes and Lizards by Daniel Moreton, Scholastic, good, 1.50
*Snakes Face-to-Face! Scholastic Animal Planet, Jeff Corwin, new, 3.00
A Spinning Snake by Jane Buxton, craft spinning snake, like new, 2.50
Take a Look at Snakes by Betsy Maestro, super, 3.50
Why Do Snakes Hiss?  by Joan Holub, super, 3.00

A Spinning Snake by Jane Buxton, craft spinning snake, like new, 2.50

Snake in the House by Fairth McNulty, fun story, vg, 4.00
Verdi by Janell Cannon, vg, 4.50
Great Snakes, Rainbow Reading, K-2nd grade has pen marks, fair, 2.00 
Deadly Snakes, Planet Reader Scholastic, vg, 2.25
Slinky Scaly Snakes! DK Reader, beginning 2, vg, 2.25
Slinky Scaly Snakes! DK Reader, beginning 2, new, 2.75
Snakes!, Step into Reading, grades 1-3, new, 2.50
Snakes! Time For Kids Science Scoops, vg, 2.50

Salamanders, Snail & Slugs
Salamanders, Secret, Silent Lives by Sara Swan Miller, vg, 3.75
*Slugs by David Greenbery, new, 3.50

*Aquatic Turtles, Sliders, Cooters, Painted and Map Turtles, Barrons, new, 3.75
Turtles, Toads and Frogs, Golden Junior Guide, hb, super, 5.50
Old Turtle, A Story by Douglas Wood, Scholastic, like new, 4.50

Turtles All Aboard Science Reader, stage 1, vg, 2.50

Dinosaur Bones! by CE Thompson, missing mobil, has dino info, FREE w/purchase

Activity Books
Animals of the Past, Dinosaurs, mammoths, saber tooths, bison and other prehistoric, 48 color picture stamps, Golden Stamp book, vg, 4.00

All About Dinosaurs
Activity Book, Scholastic, has rip on front, unmarked, 2.00
The Age of Dinosaurs, Random All-About Books, panorama wall poster, super, 2.25
*The Age of Dinosaurs: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, like new, 5.00
Dinosaur Fun, My Coloring Book w/Activities, Golden Books, easy tear-out, has page done, good, 1.25
Dinosaurs Papermodel 1, Triceratiops, excellent, 4.50
Dinosaurs Sticker Stories, reusable stickers, new, 3.00 (2)
Draw Science Dinosaurs by Nina Kidd, great, 5.75
Draw Science Dinosaurs by Nina Kidd, good, 4.25
How to Draw Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, Scholastic, vg, 2.75
I Want to Draw Dinosaurs by Anthony Tallarico, vg, 3.00
Incredible Dinosaurs Coloring & Activity Book, oversize book for young, 2.00
*Little Dinosaurs Spot-the-Differences
Prehistoric Animals Amazing Facts Activity Fun Book, like new, 2.25
*The Ultimate Dinosaur Sticker Book, DK, has 4 neatly applied stickers, like new, 3.75
Dove pocket activity, new, 1.75
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Riddles, Coloring riddle book, new, 2.00
Wee Sing Dinosaur, book only, vg, 2.50
Wee Sing and Learn, book only, fair, 1.00

The Dinosaur Encyclodepia, Handbook for Dino enthusiast, pocket book, vg, 4.50
The Big Fearon Book of Dinosaurs, Fearon Teachers Aid, vg, 7.50
*The Big Book of Dinosaurs, DK First Look for Young Children, huge hb, vg, 8.50
The Great Dinosaur Atlas, oversize hb, good, 7.50
A Look Inside Dinosaurs, A unique visual reference, great, 7.50

Dinosaurs Zoobooks, vg, 2.00

*Countdown to Extinction, Animal Kingdom, Disney Chapters, like new, 2.50
A Dinosaur Named Sue, Find of Century, Scholastic Reader, level 4, great, 2.50
Dinosaur Babies by Lucille Recht Penner, Step inot Reading, pre-grade 1, vg, 1.75
Dinosaur Hunters, Step into Reading, grade 2-4, vg, 2.50
Dinosaur Time, An I Can Read Book, Rainbow Book, pre-school-grade 1, vg, 2.50
Dinosaur Days Step into Reading, grade 1-3, new, 2.50
Dinosaur Days Step into Reading, grade 1-3, vg, 2.25
Dinosaur Days DK Reader, beginning 1, vg, 2.25
Dinosaur Dinners DK Readers, level 2 (Grader 1-3) by Lee Davis, fair, 1.50
How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? by Jane Yolen, like new, 1.00
I Can Read About Dinosaurs, fair, 2.00
I Can Read About Prehistoric Animals, vg, 2.00 (2)
Meet the Dinosaurs DK Reader, beginning 1, vg, 2.25
Raptors! Troll, Planet Reading, level 2, vg, 2.50
*What the Dinosaurs Saw, Animals Living then and Now, Hello Reader, like new, 2.50
When dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Really Reading, level 4, vg, 2.25
Hardback Set
Albertosaurus by Francis Swan, hb, lib-discard, good, 2.50
Allosaurus by Ron Wilson, hb, lib-discard, good, 2.50
Corythosaurus by Francis Swan, hb, vg, 3.50
Dimetrodon by Rupert Oliver, hb, lib-discard, fair, 2.25
Diplodocus by Ron Wilson, hb, lib-discard, fair, 2.25
Iguanodon by Rupert Oliver, hb, lib-dicard, fair, 2.25
Plesiosaurus by Rupert Oliver, hb, lib-discard, good, 2.50
Pteranodon by Ron Wilson, hb, lib-discard, good, 2.50
Spinosaurus by David White, hb, lib-discard, fair, 2.25
Triceratops by Angela Sheehan, hb, vg, 3.50
Tyrannosaurus by Angela Sheehan, hb, lib-discard, fair, 2.25
After the Dinosaurs Story of Prehistoric Mammals and Man, Huge hb Golden, has name scribbled, super, 5.50
*All About Dinosaurs by Roy Andrews, 1963 hb, vg, 7.50
Animals of Long Ago by Raymond Jones, Learn About Book, hb, good, 3.50
*The Big Book of Dinosaurs, Oversize hb, First Book for young children, DK, vg, 7.50
*A Child's First Library of Learning, Dinosaurs, hb, like new, 8.75
The Children's Picture Prehistory Dinosaurs, Usborne, good, 1.25
Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard? Q & A about Dinosaurs, good, 2.75
Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard? Q & A about Dinosaurs, like new, 4.25
*Dinomite! All About Dinosaurs, Scholastic, for 3-D glasses, like new, 2.50
Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles, giant Golden, has tape on spine, fair, 2.00
The Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Dr Michael Benton, handbook, vg, 4.50
Dinosaur Dictionary, A to Z of Dino's, oversize, vg, 4.50
Dinosaur Habitat by Helen V Griffith, vg, 2.75
Dinosaurs! Know-It-Alls, by Jay Johnson, new, 1.50
Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons, Scholastics, vg, 3.00
Dinosaurs Discover the awesome lost world of the dinosaur by Sarah Eason, hb, vg, 7.50
Dinosaurs, oversize Golden Exploring Earth Book, 1973, good, 3.50
Dinosaurs Over 100 questions and answers to things you want to know by Dan Abnett, super, 4.00
Dinosaurs Eyes on Nature, hb, like new, 5.50
Dinosaurs A Closer Look, by Dougal Dixon, Highlights, vg, 2.25
Dinosaurs and more Dinosaurs by M Jean Craig, good, 2.50
Dinosaur Mysteries, Troll Associate, vg, 2.75
The Dinosaur Hunter's Handbook, Discover the traces of a lost world,excellent, 2.25
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, hb, vg, 4.50
The Giant Dinosaurs, Ancient Reptiles that Ruled the Land by David Eldridge, vg, 3.75
The How and Why Sticker Book of Prehistoric Life, stickers applied, vg, 2.00
Last of the Dinosaurs, Troll, good, 1.50
The Last Dinosaurs by Jim Murphy, A Blue Ribbon Book, vg, 2.75*
*Looking At-- Ankylosaurus: A Dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period Weekly Reader hb,by Mike Brown, like new, 3.25
*Looking At-- Chasmosaurus: A Dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period hb, by Heather Amery, like new, 3.25*Looking At-- Psittacosaurus: A Dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period Weekly Reader hb, by Tamara Green, like new, 3.25
*Looking At-- Tyrannosaurus Rex: A Dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period hb, by Heather Amery, like new, 3.25
Magic Tree House, Dinosaurs Before Dark, vg, 2.25
My Favorite Dinosuars by John Sibbick & Ruth Ashby, Scholastic, great, 4.50
New Dinos by Shelley Tanaka, Latest finds, coolest discoveries, vg, 5.50
Outside and Inside Dinosaurs by Sandra Markle, Scholastic, fair, 3.50
Prehistoric Hunters by Suzanne Francis, Dinosaur Discover, need 3-D glasses, vg, 3.00
The Reign of the Dinosaurs, Discovery, excellent, 5.50
Searching for a Living Fossil by Eleanor Clymer, story of Coelacanth, good, 3.50 (2)
Supergiants! by Don Lessem, excellent, 3.50
Triceratops, A True Book by Elaine Landau, good, 1.50
Troodon, The Smartest Dinosaur by Don Lessem, ex-lib, hb, vg, 3.50
Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast, Dino Poems by Jack Prelutsky, good, 2.50
*The Usborne Book of Dinosaurs, like new, 6.50
Usborne Discovery Internet-Linked Dinosaurs, vg, 4.50
Where are all the Dinosaurs? Troll, vg, 3.50
Kid Dinosaur Books
Amanda's Dinosaur by Wendy Orr, vg, 2.00
Definitely Dinosaurs, Triceratops, hb, new, 2.50
*Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons, Scholastic, new. 4.50
Dinosaurs Random House, vg, 1.50
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, Honey Bear Books, super, 2.25
How Big is a Brachiosaurus? Fascinating facts, All Aboard Books, vg, 2.00
I'm Tyrannosaurus! Dino Rhymes by Jean Marzollo, Scholastic, super, 2.25
*The Last Dinosaur by Jim Murphy, Blue Ribbon Book, vg 4.50*
*Where Did All the Dragons Go? by Fay Robinson, oversize pb, vg, 5.50

Golden Book
Amazing Dinosaur Facts, Golden Look, vg, 2.25
Dinosaurs Golden Look Book, vg, 1.50
The Horned Dinosaurs Triceratops, Golden Look Book, vg, 1.25
King of the Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex, Golden Look Book, good, 1.00
World of Dinosaurs Steck-Vaughn
A Plant-eaters and Meat-eaters by Dr Alvin Granowsky, vg, 1.50
Were Dinosaurs Good Parents! by Dr Alvin Granowsky, vg, 1.50
When an Allosaurus Was Hungry by Dr Alvin Granowsky, vg, 1.50

Dragons Bones and Dinosaur Eggs by Ann Bausum, A Photobiography of
Fossils, Scholastic Science Reader, super, 2.50*
*If You Are a Hunter of Fossils by Byrd Baylor, Rainbow Reading, vg, 4.50


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