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Welcome to Puppy Tales where we have some of the finest pups for sale! Right I have sold all my pups.  We will be having pups, full blood Chi in about 4 months.  Please see the pictures of my dogs and give me a call if you are interested.  I live in Hammond, Louisiana.  My number is 985-507-6822.
Please Scroll down to see how to make Raw Puppy Soup!

       Raw Puppy Soup

My animals love raw milk!  I make a base raw soup for my loved "animal" ones daily of the following raw food:

Raw Puppy Soup
1 c raw milk
1/2 c raw yogurt or kefir
1/5 cucumber or peelings
1 medium carrot
1/4 wedge apple
bunch spinach
1 T flax
1/4 tsp Barley Life (green food)
1/8 tsp Spirulina (green food)
1 raw egg
water to fill up the vita mixer or blender close to top

I mix all this up in the vita mixer.  I give each pup a small handful of high quality holistic dry dog food daily, then fill the dish to the top with raw puppy soup.  I fill their bowl of raw soup up 2 times daily on the recipe above. Once with small portion of food and once in the evening with no food. The nutrients in this mix is vital, alive and life promoting for your animal.  My dogs get a 90% raw diet.  By the way this is for 6 small dogs.  5 Chihuahua's and 1 Pekingese.

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