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Mystery Books/ The Unknown/ UFO
Adventure Stories chosen by Clive King, daring deeds, Kingfisher, good, 4.00
*Antarctica: Journey to the Pole by Peter Lerangis, Scolastic, new, 2.50
*Climb or Die A Test of Survival by Edward Myers, like new, 4.00
Danger on Shadow Mountain by Marian Rumsey, hb, 3.75
Great Survival Adventures first person accounts, hb, ex-lib, 4.00
The Loch Ness Monster, a Pitkin guide, new, 4.00
*Lost on a Mountain in Maine by Donn Fendler as told by Joseph B Egan, like new, 3.75

Mysteries of Bizarre Animals and Freaks of Nature by Phlyssis Raybin Emert, Strange Unsolved Mysteries, vg, 3.00

Real Kids Real Adventures, True stories by Deborah Morris, #6, good, 3.00
Shipwrecked, Walt Disney by BB Hiller, Scholastic, like new, 3.50
What You Don't Know About Mysterious Places by Ryder Windham, new, 3.00
Wilderness Journey by William O Steele, hb, ex-lib, good, 4.00

True-Life Treasure Hunts, Step into Reading, step 4, super, 2.50

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by Ryder Windham, Scholastic, new, 4.00

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Collectors Guide, Passport to Adventure! new, 4.50

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Creepy Stuff, good/fair, 2.00
World's Weirdest Gadgets, vg, 3.25

UFO: Fact or Fiction? by Laura D'Angelo, Scholastic, 3.00

Invaders From Outer Space, real-life stories of UFO's. DK, level 3, fair, 2.25

Invaders From Outer Space, Real-Life Stories UFO, Eyewitness Reader, level 3, vg, 2.50

*Sea Survivor's Guide by Rory Storm, Scholastic, new, 3.00

Boxcar by Gertrude Chandler Warner 
#1 The Boxcar Children, great, 2.25
#1 The Boxcar Children, good/fair, 1.50
#2 Surprise Island, good, 2.00 (2)
#3 Yellow House Mystery, vg, 2.25 (2)
#3 Yellow House Mystery, like new, 2.50
*#4 Mystery Ranch, new, 2.50
#6 Blue Bay Mystery, good. 2.00
#8 The Lighthouse Mystery, vg 2.25
*#9 Mountain Top Mystery, new, 2.50
#20 The Haunted Cabin Mystery, fair, 2.00
#22 The Animal Shelter Mystery, super, 2.50
#27 The Camp-Out Mystery, vg, 2.25 (2)
#32 The Mystery in the Snow, new, 2.75
#39 The Ghost Ship Mystery, vg, 2.25
#42 The Mystery of the Missing Cat, crease, good, 2.25
#46 The Chocolate Sundae Mystery,  vg, 2.25
#66 The Panther Mystery, new, 3.00
*#69 The Movie Star Mystery, like new, 3.00

Crime & Mystery
Detective Academy, Crime Scene Investigation, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
Detective Academy, Basic Training Manual, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
Detective Academy, Interviews and Interrogations, Scholastic, vg,  3.50
Fingerprints and Talking Bones, How real-life crimes are solved by Charlotte Foltz Jones, vg, 3.00

Great Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles by Jim Sukach, mini-mysteries to solve, super, 2.50
Kidsbooks, Special Forces in Action, good, 3.00
Kidsbooks, Spies in Action, vg, 3.00
Spy University, The Spy's Guide to Secret Codes and Ciphers, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
Spy University, The Spy's Guide to Surveillance, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
Spy University, Trainee Handbook, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
*Tips & Tricks for Junior Detectives by Thomas Brezina, like new, 2.50
The Usborne Book of Secret Codes, Scholastic, vg, 4.00
You're the Detective, 24 Solve them Yourself Picture Mysteries, by Lawrence Treat, fair, 3.75
Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J Sobo
Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective, great, 2.50
Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective, fair, 1.50
Encyclopedia Brown Shows the Way, hb, water mark, no ripples, good, 2.50

Hardy Boys by Frank W Dixon
The Hardy Boys, #1, Extreme Danger, super, 3.50
The Hardy Boys, #2, The House on the Cliff, hb, name, good, 3.00
The Hardy Boys, #112, Cliff Hanger, super, 3.50

Hardy Boys Case Files
Case 99, Frame-Up by Franklin W Dixon, good, 2.25
Case 117 Blood Sport by Franklin W Dixon, good, 2.25
Case 126, Fire in the Sky by Franklin W Dixon, good, 2.25

Nancy Drew
The Greek Symbol Mystery by Carolyn Keene, good, 2.75
A Question of Guilt, Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mystery, good, 3.00
The Nancy Drew on Campus #1, New Lives, New Loves by Carolyn Keene, new, 1.25
The Thirteenth Pearl by Carolyn Keene, hb, new, 3.50

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene, hb, fair, 2,25

The Nancy Drew Files
Case 5, Hit and Run Holiday by Carolyn Keene, vg, 1.00
Case 71, Hot Tracks by Carolyn Keene, new, 2.00
Case 81, Making Waves by Carolyn Keene, like new, 2.25
Case 112, For Love or Money by Carolyn Keene, vg, 1.75
Case 121, The Natural Enemies by Carolyn Keene, vg, 1.75
A Series of  Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
#1 The Bad Beginning, hb, excellent, 4.50
#1 The Bad Beginning, excellent, 3.50
#2 The Reptile Room, pb, fair, 2.50
#2 The Reptile Room, ex-lib, pb, good, 3.00
#2 The Reptile Room, hb, vg, 4.50
#3 The Wide Window, excellent, 3.25
#4 The Miserable Mill, like new, 3.50
#4 The Miserable Mill, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.00
#9 The Carnivorous Carnival, super, 3.25
#9 The Carnivorous Carnival, fair, 2.50
#8 The Hostile Hospital, like new, 3.00

The Shadow- The Masters of Darkness by
Maxwell Grant, copywright 1960,These are from
the 1930's original radio show, "The Shadow"
#1 The Living Shadow, vg, 4.50
#2 The Black Master, vg, 4.50
#3 The Mobsmen on the Spot, vg, 4.50
#4 Hands in the Dark vg, 4.50
#5 The Master of Darkness Double Z, vg, 4.50
#6 The Crime Cult vg, 4.50
#7 The Red Menace, vg, 4.50
#9 The Romanoff Jewels, vg, 4.50
#12 Shadowed Millions, vg, 4.50
#13 Green Eyes, vg, 4.50
#15 Gray Fist, vg, 4.50

Spy Kids Adventures
#4 OSS Wilderness, new, 2.50
* #10 Off Sides, new, 2.50
Spy Kids 3-D Game Over, excellent, 2.50

Spy Kids 3-D, How to Be a Spy Kid, 1.50

Sugar Creek Gang
The Mystery Cave, #6 by Paul Hutchens, like new, 2.75

Weekly Reader
Brother of the Wolves by Jean Thompson, Weekly Reader, like new, 2.25
The Case of the Phantom Frog hb, by E W Hildick, great, 2.25
The Case of the Felon's Fiddle: Lisl Weil by E W Hildick, A McGurk Mystery, vg, 1.50

Mystery Books
Classic Mysteries, A Collection of Mind-bending Masterpieces, new, 4.50
Classic Mysteries, A Collection of Mind-bending Masterpieces, vg, 4.50
Clue Jr, The Case of the Secret Message by Parker C Hinter, good, 2.00
Dick Tracy by Max Alan Collins, vg, 3.00
Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner, Apple, great, 3.50
The Firebug Mystery by Mary Blount Christian, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.25
Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, vg, 3.50
Megan's Island by Willo Davis Roberts, fair, 1.50
*Megan's Island by Willo Davis Roberts, like new, 3.50
The Missing Video by Dave Gustaveson, like new, 4.00
Monkey See. Monkey Do. by Barthe DeClements, hb, new, 5.25
Mystery at Bellwood Estate (Best Friends Book 11) by Hilda Stahl, vg, 3.00
Mystery at Black Horse Farm by Jenny Hughes, great, 3.25
The Mystery of the Homeless Treasure by John Bibee, like new, 3.50
Phantom Outlaw At Wolf Creek by Sigmund Brouwer, new, 3.75
Secret of the Indian Mound by Wilson Gage, softcover, fair,  loose pages .75
*Shadow Over Lockness by Jason Steele, new, 1.75
Shipwrecked on Mystery Island by Roy Wandelmaier, Troll, vg, 3.00
*The Specter from the Magician's Museum by Brad Strickland, like new, 3.50
Spider Kane and the Mystery Under the May-Apple by Mary Pope Osborne, good, 2.50
Spy X Proof Positive by Peter Lerangis, Scholastic, 3.00
Two-Minute Mysteries by Donald J Sobol, great, 3.00


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