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I have for sale the following home school books and resources. I ship my books media mail and will combine shipping. I accept paypal, check or money order. Insurance is available at your request. All books are paperback unless otherwise marked. You can contact me or email me at

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Horizons Math
Math 3, Teachers Guide Part 1, super, 22.50
Math 3, Teachers Guide Part 2, super, 14.50
Math 2, Teachers Guide Part 1, super, 22.50
Math 2, Teachers Guide Part 1, super, 14.50

*Saxon Math 2 Home School Study Kit, missing one book, like new, 68.75

The Golden Mean, Mathematics the Fine Arts by Charles F Linn, ex-lib, vg, 4.00

TouchMath Multiplication & Division, 2007, like new, 78.00

Turn on the Human Calculator in You! 4 cassettes w/workbook, vg, 12.75

Erin Sullivan
Mathmatical Thinkers, achievements great mathmaticians, stain, good, 3.00
Sports Math, did you know you use sports when watching sports, good, 3.00
Math Reader
Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares, Step into Reading, step 4, good, 2.25
A Dozen Dogs, Read and Count, Step into Reading, preschool-gr 1, fair, 1.75
Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes, Scholastic Reader, level 3, super, 2.50
Decimals, Fractions, Percents & Multiplication
Basics First Math by Frank Schaffer Publications, grade 7, like new, 3.00
*Connected Mathematics: Filling/ Wrapping, 3-D Measure by Peason, new, 5.50
Decimals & Percents, Basic Skills Series, Grade 6, unused, vg, 3.00
*Fractions Decimals & Percents,Homework Booklet, grade 5, like new, 3.00
Math Made Easy Percents, basic skills series wkbk, super, 4.00
Times Tables! Multiplication made fun, hb, DK, new, 4.75
*The Mega~Fun Activity Book by Marcia Miller, games/reproducible/memorization reproducible, grade 2-5, like new, 5.50

Skill  Builders Division, grade 3-5, new, 2.75
Flash Cards
Subtraction 75 Flash cards, Paper Magic Group, good, 3.50
Subtraction 54 Flash cards, Golden Step Ahead, good, 3.50

Algebra & Geometry
*Algebra 1: Note Taking Guide, McDougal Littell, super, 4.50
Algebra 1/2 Saxon, test answers and text answers, vg, 7.50
Algebra Saxon Teachers Edition, hb, vg, 7.50
*Algebra An Introductory Course 1-Vol Edition by Morris Bramson, new, 10.50
Algebra 1, Note taking Guide by Larson, McDougal Littell, like new, 5.00
Algebra & Trigonometry by Michael Sullivan, hb text, super, 22.00
Algebra & Trigonometry by Michael Sullivan, Student Solutions Manual, vg, 20.00

Elementary Algebra, A Prerequisite for Functions, Annotated Instructor's Edition, excellent, 7.50

Everyday Algebra by Frank Schaffer Publications, name, like new, 4.50
How to Solve Algebra Word Problems, sat, act, Arco Test Prep, vg, 6.50
*Pre-Algebra Study Guide, Prentice Hall Mathematics, great, 5.50
Study Workbook for Geometry by SuperStar Teacher Series, vg, 4.50
Trigonometry: The Easy Way, Barrons, 3ed edition, super, 8.50

Calculus The Easy Way, Third Edition, super, 7.75
*Student Mathematics Handbook, Calculus by Gerald L Bradley, new, 9.75

Graphing Calculator Manual by Judith A Penna, Algebra, Trigonometry Pre-Calculus Graphs & Models by Judith A Penna, vg, 12.50

Algebra II Cliff Quick Review, vg, 2.75

*New Syllabus Mathematics 4 Textbook pb, and New Syllabus Mathematics 4 Workbook, text vg, and workbook new, sold as set only, 38.00
Pass GCE 'O' 1984 to 2003 Elementary Mathematics, vg, 15.00

Addition & Subtraction 1, grade 1-2, Golden Step Ahead, no writing, vg, 2.75
Addition & Subtraction of fraction, decimals & integers, gr 7, pencil, fair, 4.00
DK Math Made Easy
, 4th grade, prep standardized test, few done, good, 4.00
Diagnostic Practice in Math, based on syllabus by MOE, Primary 6-B, new, 3.00
Diagnostic Practice in Maths, super, 3.00

How to Solve Math Word Problems, Weekly Reader Skills, book 6, super, 2.50
Houghton Mifflin Math Central: Practice and Assessment Skillpad Level 3, super, 5.50

Helping Your Child Learn Math, Dept Education, vg, 3.00

How Many? How Much?: Based on Timothy Goes to School and Other Stories
by Rosemary Wells, super, 4.00

Louisiana Math Connections, Scott Foresman, Orange Book, new, 4.50
Louisiana Math Connections, Scott Foresman, Blue Book, name, like new, 4.50
Math, Steck-Vaughn, core skills, grade 2, super, 5.50
Math Advantage Practice On My Own, workbook,  younger grades, super, 5.50
Master Math Skill Book Grade 4, few pages in pencil, vg, 3.00

Math Ages 8-10 World Book Clever Kids, The foundations of tomorrows computing skills, dozens of simple activities, excellent, 3.25
*Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times by Morris Kline, Vol 1, new, 10.50

*Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times by Morris Kline, Vol 2, new, 10.50

*Mathematics Challenge Workbook 1, Houghton Mifflin, unmarked, super, 5.50
Read Aloud Anthology, Mcgraw Hill Math, grade 2, new, 5.50
Today's Math, Student Workbook, grade 1, Scott Foresman, some done, FREE

*Used Numbers Statistics Middles and in Betweens by Dale Seymour, grade 5-6, good, 4.00

Working With Numbers, by James Shea, self-instruction in arithmetic, Steck-Vaughn, book 8, super, 3.00

Math Fun- Cereal & Candy
The Cheerios Play Book, Fill in the missing Cherrios!, boardbook, like new, 3.50
*The Oreo Cookie Counting Book, boardbook, vg, 4.00

Math Fun- Kids
Amazing Math Puzzles by Adam Hart-Davis, has name, vg, 3.25
Amazing Math Puzzles by Adam Hart-Davis, has name, like new, 4.25
Amazing Math Puzzles & Mazes by Cindi Mitchell, grade 4-6, vg, 3.25
Bingo Math, fun filled reproducible games by Diane Peragine, Scholastic, grade 1-2, vg, 4.50
Counting Crocodiles by Judy Sierra, vg, 3.75

Early Learner Math Workbook, Honey Bear, numbers, time, adding, measuring, problem solving, money, fraction, vg, 3.00

*Eenie Meenie Miney Math!: Math Play for You and Your Preschooler by Linda Allison, like new, 7.50

Fun with Math by Bryan Bunch, super, 2.75
Giant Step Ahead Math Workbook, chuncky book, grade 1-2, super, 5.50
Glow in the Dark Monster Math, 14 Spooky Games, no dice, super, 2.00
*The Grapes of Math by Greg Tank, like new, 6.00
If You Made a Million by David M Schwartz, great, 5.50
If You Made a Million by David M Schwartz, hb, ex-lib, good, 5.50
*Math Activities with Dominoes by Helene Silverman, grade K-3, vg, 6.50
Math Sticker Stories Pirates, with 75 reusable stickers, new, 3.75
MathMagic by Raymond Blum, vg 2.50
More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, vg, 3.25
Notorious Numbers by Paul Giganti Jr, Scholastic, pre-K, 3.75
*On Beyond a Million, An Amazing Math Journey by David Schwartz, super, 4.50
*Picture Math: Drawing to Solve Problems,wipe off activity book, age 6-8, new, 3.50
*Pigs on the Move, Fun with Math and Money by Amy Alexrod, vg, 4.75
*Scrabble Exploring Math Concepts, age 6-8, new, 4.50
Sports Math Mania! by Lorraine Jean, Sports Illustrated for Kids, vg, 2.75
When is a Foot Not a Foot, Measurement, Sullivan Topic Series, super, 3.50

MathStart Bug Dance! by Stuart J Murphy, super, 4.00
Mathstart Double the Ducks, good, 3.75
MathStart Earth Day-Hooray! by Stuart J Murphy, super, 4.00

Mathmania, balloons on cover, book # 1 like new, 2.50
Mathmania, bugs on cover, book # 1 vg, 2.50
Mathmania, fun bowler on cover, book # 2, like new, 2.50
Mathmania, clock on cover, book # 3 like new, 2.50
Mathmania, piggy banks on cover, book # 4 like new, 2.50
Mathmania, kids playing marbles on front,  like new, 2.50
Math- Mind Games
*Probability Games and Other activities by Ivan Moscovich, age 8-up, new, 4.50
*Number Games by Ivan Moscovich, age 8-up, like new, 4.50

Math/ Number Puzzles- Lateral & Critical Thinking
Amazing Math Puzzles by Adam Hart-Davis, vg, 1.50
Critical Thinking Lateral Thinking Puzzlesby Michael A DiSpezio, vg, 3.75
*Quick-to-Solve Brainteasers by JJ Mendoza Fernandez, puzzles book, new 3.50
Super Lateral Thinking Puzzles by Des MacHale, Paul Sloane, 3.75
Perplexing Lateral Thinking Puzzles by Paul Sloane & Des MacHale, very good, 2.50
Perplexing Lateral Thinking Puzzles by Paul Sloane & Des MacHale, new, 3.50
Totally Tough Brainteasers by LP Mochalov, good, 2.50


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