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I have the following books for sale. I accept paypal, checks/MO. I ship my books media mail and combine shipping. Insurance is available upon request. All books are paperback unless otherwise marked. You can contact me or email me at

Book Blessings,
Lisa Luneau

FREE w/Purchase
Understanding Today's Preschoolers by C Sybil Waldrop, spill, fair, FREE w/purchase

How Great Thou Art
How Great Thou Art I by Barry Stebbing, 5 lessons done, great, 10.50
How Great Thou Art II by Barry Stebbing, new, 12.50  Buy both for 19.90

Abeka Curricula
Of Places Literature, workbook done in pencil, fair, FREE w/10.00 purchase

French 1 Student Edition, Vocabulary Manual, vg, 10.50
French 1 Teacher's Edition, Vocabulary Manual, loose page middle, vg, 10.50

My Blend and Word Book, has name, vg, 2.50

My Blend and Word Book, new, 3.50

Grade 1
Kind and Brave, Grade 1, vg, good, 4.00
No Longer a Nobody, name in pencil, vg, 3.25
Primary Bible Reader, grade 1-3, like new, 5.75
Stepping Stones, grade 1, vg, 4.00

Bible Friends Coloring Book, like new, 5.50

Grade 2
Writing with Phonics 2, Cursive Writing, starts on p79, good, 3.25
Writing with Phonics 2, Cursive, new, 6.90

Hidden Treasure, grade 2, good, 3.90
Story Tree,
grade 2, vg, name on cover, 4.00 (2)
Primary Bible Reader, grade 1-3, fair, 4.75

Grade 3

Grade 4
Flags Unfurled, Grade 3-4, name, vg, 5.50
Flags Unfurled, Grade 4, name, fair, 4.50
Salute to Courage, 4th grade, 4.90

The History of Our United States, geography/maps and reviews, grade 4, vg, 4.00
God's Gift of Language Writing & Grammar Tests, grade 4, new, 4.00

Grade 5
Of America 1, 5th grade, good/fair, 4.00

Noah Webster, A man Who Loved Words, great, 6.50
Noah Webster, A man Who Loved Words, good, 4.50

New World History & Geography Answer Key to Text Questions, not sure what grade, great, 4.50

Grade 6
Arithmetic 6, Tests and Speedy Drills, Teacher Key, vg, 6.50
Arithmetic 6, Work-text, Teacher Edition, spiral, vg, 9.50

Adventure Lands, Reading program, student reader, fair, 4.00
Voyage of Discovery, fair, 4.50

Language Arts
God's Gift of Language 6
, Writing & Grammar, spiral Teacher's Edition, vg, 8.50
God's Gift of Language 6, Writing & Grammar, Tests, begins on TEST 7, 2.50
God's Gift of Language 6, Writing & Grammar, Test Key, vg, 4.50

Spelling and Vocabulary Test Key, like new, 6.50
Spelling Vocabulary & Poetry Teacher Edition, spiral, super, 6.00

Choosing Good Health, Answer Key to Text Questions, super, 3.50
Of American 2, fair, grade 6, fair, 3.50
Of American 2, fair, grade 6, vg, 5.50
The Modern Age History of the World in Christian Perspective - A Beka, grade 6,
Vol II, vg, 12.75
New World History & Geography Map Studies and Review, grade 6, new, 5.75 (2)
New World History & Geography Map Studies and Review, some writing, vg, 3.75
New World History & Geography Map Studies and Review, Test Key, grade 6, like new, 5.75

New World History & Geography Map Studies and Review, Quiz Key, grade 6, like new, 5.75

Observing God's World 6, Quiz Key, like new, 4.50
Observing God's World 6, Test Key, like new, 4.50

Grade 7
History of the World in Christian Perspective - A Beka, 3rd Edition, grade 7, vg 12.75

Of People, Literature 1, hb, not sure grade, good, 6.90

Grade 9

Grade 10
Grammar and Composition, Tests/Quizzes IV, Teachers Key. 1st 4 tests missing, English, vg, 3.50

World History and Cultures, grade 10, Test/Map Project Key, has markings, vg, 4.00

Grade 11
Grammar & Composition Tests, for handbook, Workbook A, grade 11, student test booklet, new, 4.50

Grade 12
Economics, Work and Prosperity in Christian Perspective, 2nd, grade 12, good, 8.50
English Literature, Test and Quizzes, Classics for Christians, vol 5.6, half in pencil, 3.00
English Literature, Test/Quiz Key, Classics for Christians, vol 5, 6, like new, 4.00
English Literature, Teacher Test/Quiz Key, Classics for Christians, vol 5, 6, new, 4.00
English Literature, Test/Quiz Key, Classics for Christians, vol 6, like new, 4.00
English 12, Video Manual, spiral, new, 4.00

Geography Bowl, Data Trivia, new, 3.00

Vocabulary Poetry VI, Teacher Key, super, 7.50

Science of the Physical Creation in Christian Perspective, great, A Beka, 10.50

Alpha Omega
Lifepac, Math, Teacher's Guide, grade 3, super, 7.50

Bob Jones University
Bible Truths for Christian Schools, Teacher's 2nd Edition, Binder, super, 14.50

English 2 for Christian Schools, Writing and Grammar, missing about 15 pages in the beginning, Teacher's Edition, Binder, super, 5.00

English 5 for Christian Schools, Writing and Grammar, Teacher's Edition, Binder, super, 12.50

Math 1 for Christian Schools, 2nd edition, Home Teacher's Edition, super, 8.50
Math 5 for Christian Schools, 2nd edition, new, 14.50
Science 2 for Christian Schools, Home Teacher's Edition, vg, 7.50
Science 5 for Christian School, vg, 9.50
Science 6 for Christian Schools, Home Teacher's Edition, vg, 7.50

Rod and Staff
God Leads His People Bible Nurture and Reader Series 3, Teachers Manual, vg, 5.50
God Leads His People Bible Nurture and Reader Series 3, Student Manual, vg, 7.50

Classroom, Education, Teaching Resources

Education Resources/Special Needs
Almost Everything You Need to Know About Early Childhood Education by Judy Fujawa, like new, 2.00

*Children with Facial Difference A Parents' Guide by Hope Charkins, great, 6.90

*Children in Residential Care Critical Issues in Treatment by Charles E Schaefer, new, 11.50

*Choices in Deafness, Parents' Guide to Communication Options by Sue Schwartz, PH.D. great, 7.50

Early Childhood Development, Multicultural Perspective by Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, vg, 8.50

The Language of Toys, Teaching Communication Skills to Special-Needs Children by Sue Schwartz, ex-lib, fair, 3.50

Kid Think by Dr WM Lee Carter, understand how your kids think, vg, 7.00

Motivation Your Kids from Crayons to Career by Cheri fuller, good/fair, 3.50
Peterson's Get a Jump! The Student Aid Answer Book, Education Planner, new, 7.50

TAAS Study Guide, Student and family guide to Grade 3-Texas Ass of Academic Skills, vg, 4.50

Thumbs Up! Teaching Interdependence to Grades 3 and 4, Maryknoll Edu, great, 3.00
*Using Your Noodle: An Interdisciplinary Unit on Study Skills, super, 5.50

Teacher Resources/Classroom Activities
As the Crow Flies by Karen Sippel, Grace Publication, super, 3.50
The Best of The Mailbox, Book #3, grade 1-3, vg, 8.50
Book Shop Teachers Resource Book #1 by Faye Bolton, spiral, super, 9.50
Classroom Activities, 1956, vg, 5.50
Classroom Management, Guidebook For Success by Bonnie Williamson, super, 4.50
Come Learn with Me by Ramona Watts, Teachers Aids, like new, 3.75
Create It with Kidspiration by Tammy Worcester, spiral, super, 9.50
*The First Days of School,by Teachers, How to be Effective Teacher, vg, 7.50  (2)
Holidays & Special Days by Imogene Forte, Incentive Pub, K-4 gr, new, 6.50
Kind Teacher, Vol 19, Sept 1994, new, 4.00
*Mastering the Art of Substitute Teaching by S Harold Collins, like new, 7.50
Object Rhymes, reproducible Pre-Reading Books young children, vg, 5.50
*Preschool Daily Plan Book by Sherrill Flora, Carson-Dellosa, new, 4.75
*School Projects for Pennies by Jamie Gabriel, super, 5.50
Sensational Centers, Creative Centers complement Curriculum, gr 1-3, great, 6.5

The Mailbox-The Education Center-reproducibles/cut-outs/activities
The Ideas Magazine for Kids

The Mailbox, April/May 1990, vg, 3.25
The Mailbox, June/July 1990, vg, 3.25
The Mailbox, April/May 1991, vg, 3.25
The Mailbox, June/July 1991, vg, 3.25
The Mailbox, Aug/Sept 1991, vg, 3.25
The Mailbox, Oct/Nov 1991, vg, 3.25

What Your __ Grader Needs to Know
What Your Second Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Second Grade Education  vg, 8.50
What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know edited by E D Hirsch Jr, good, 8.50 (2)

Charlotte Mason Style & Homeschooling
*Anyone Can Home school: How to Find What Works for You by Terry Dorian, PhD, new, 5.50

The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling by Vicki A Brady, vg/good, 6.00
For the Children's Sake by Susan Scheffer Macaulay, good, 6.50
*Homeschooling the Right Choice! by Christopher Klicka, vg,  7.50
*Homeschooling for Success by Rebecca Kochenderfer, like new, 10.50
How To Home School, A Practical Approach by Gayle Graham, Common Sense Press, vg, 6.50

A Survivors Guide to Home Schooling by Luanne Shackelford, great, 6.50

Homeschooling Today
Homeschooling Today, May/June 2008, new, 2.50
Homeschooling Today, July/August 2008, new, 2.50
Practical Homeschooling #76, FREE w/$15.00 purchase

College.EDU, on-line resources for the cyber-savvy student, new, 3.75
The Everything College Survival Book, vg, 5.00
First Days in College by Mary Harwell Sayler, devotions, vg, 4.50
*In Search of the Blessing by Smalley, new, 4.00
*One Year to a College Degree by Lynette Long, new, 8.50
*Peterson's Graduate Schools in the U.S. 2006, vg, 8.50

Real Life Guide to Graduate and Professional School: How to Choose, Apply For, and Finance Your Advanced Degree! by Cindy Rold, super, 9.50

*Students Helping Students, A Guide for Peer Educators on College Campuses by Steven C Ender, has name, super, 15.50
Child Training, Parenting, Christian Books, Marriage
*God Calling edited by AJ Russell, great, 3.75

The Spirit Controlled Women by Beverly LaHaye, new, 6.75

Be Your Mate's Best Friend
*Love Secrets for a Lasting Relationship
by Harold H Bloomfield, MD, super, 4.50
Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat, MD, vg, 3.90
Marriage is For Love by Richard L Strauss, vg, 3.50

The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian, like new, 6.50

*A Christian Guide Stepparent is not a Bad Word by Daivd Nowell, super, 4.00* How to Deal With Parents, A Child's Practical Guide, super, 3.25
Parenting by Heart by Dr Ron Taffel, like new, 4.00
*Parenting by Heart by Dr Ron Taffel, new, 4.75
*A Parent's Guide to Understanding Motivation Children by Amy Lew PhD, new, 4.50

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, good, 3.50
Simple Secrets of Parenting: Easy As A B C by John Q Baucom PhD, super, 5.50
*Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, vg, 8.50
Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish, vg, 4.50
*So You're a Teenage Girl by Jill Renich-Meyers, Christian based, great, 5.50
*Soul Matters for Teens, Wisdom & Inspiration, 4.50
*Soul Shapers by Jim Roy, better plan for parents and educators, name, super, 10.50
*Teaching Your Children Life Skills by Deborah Carroll, great, 3.50

*Teenagers Learn What They Live: Parenting to Inspire Integrity & Independence by Dorothy Nolte PhD, like new, 5.50

James Dobson

Dare to Discipline by Dr James Dobson, super, 3.00
Let's Make a Memory by Gloria Gaither & Shirley dobson, good, 8.50
Night Light, Devotional for Couples, by James & Shirley Dobson, hb, inscription, vg, 3.50

Preparing for Adolescence by Dr James Dobson, super, 4.00
Parenting Isn't for Cowards by Dr James Dobson, vg, 5.50
*Stories of the Heart & Home by Dr James Dobson, smudge, vg, 6.00
The Strong-willed Child by Dobson, fair, 3.00
Turning Hearts Toward Home by Dr James Dobson, vg, 4.25
*When God Doesn't Make Sense by Dobson, Audio, new, 5.50
When God Doesn't Make Sense by Dobson, has sticker w/name, vg, 5.50

Focus on the Family
Renewed Hearts Changed by Betsy Holt, like new, 5.75

Dennis Rainey
The Tribute and the Promise, How Honoring Your Parents will Bring the Blessings to Your Life by Rainey, vg, 6.50


Gary Smalley

*Joy That Lasts by Smalley, like new, 3.75

Character Books:  Power of  Series by
Colonna & Rasmussen - hardback
Being Creative, featuring the story of Thomas Edison, vg, 2.50
Ready Set Grow by Joy Wilt
Needing Each Other relational needs, great, 2.25
Tuff Stuff, Children's Book about Trauma, great, 2.25
You're All Right, human similarities, great, 2.25
You're Either One or the Other, human sexuality, great, 2.25
You're One-Of-A-Kind, uniqueness, great, 2.25

Drug Prevention, Health, Sexual Health, Manners 
Drug Prevention Education
Drugs & Sports by Jeff Meer, hb, lib-discard, super, 4.75
Focus on Cocain and Crack,Drug Alert Book, by Jeffrey Shulman, hb,  vg, 3.50
Focus on Medicines, Drug Alert Book, by Susan DeStefano, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
Growing Up Drug-Free, A Parents Guide to Prevention, vg, 2.50
A Drug Free Kids Book
You Can Say "No" To Drugs! by Gretchen Super, like new, 2.50
Emergency Fire & Safety
911 Emergency Training Guide, pocket book, vg, 2.00
Be Cool About Fire Safety by Allstate, activity book, new, .50
Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book, Am Red Cross, like new, 2.00
For Emergency Help Dial - 911, vg, 1.25
No Dragons for Tea, Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons) by Jean Pendziwol, vg, 3.75
Official Fire Satety Manual Activity, ages 7-9, National Fire Safety Manual, .75
Safety First! Coloring Book, Learn  safety at home/play, Lib Mutual, 2.50
Stay Safe, Play Safe, Safety Rule, Golden, vg, 2.50
Water Safety Activity Fun Book, super, 2.50
101 Activities to Teach Your Child About Money by Bonnie Drew, good, 4.00
Growing Money, A Complete Investing Guide for Kids by Gail Karlitz, good, 4.00
*Growing Money, A Complete Investing Guide for Kids by Gail Karlitz, new, 5.00
A Kid's Guide to Managing Money by Joy Wilt, hb, fair, 3.00

Emotions & Family
*Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus, vg, 4.75
Make a Friend Today, connet dots, Build a Bear Workshop, new, 2.50
*My Body is Private by Linda Walvoord Girard, vg, 4.90
My Family Album, reusable activity book, use markers/crayon, not included, super, 3.50

My Very First Fun at Our House coloring book, Creative Child Press, new,  1.75

Color in the Difference, about being different, for young, new, 2.00
Divorce SOLD OUT
Grief/ Loss SOLD OUT
Health & Fitness
All About Me! by Joan Walsh Anglund, great for creating scrapbook, new, 5.50
All About Me by Debbie MacKinnon, hb, scribbles in cover, young, good, 3.75
All About Me, My First Learning Adventure, activity w/tear outs, super, 4.50
Be the Best, Fun & Fitness, step-by-step Guide, few loose pages, good, 2.00
*Fitness Weight Training by Thomas Baechle, like new, 7.50
Good Sports, Plain Talk About Health & Fitness for Teens by Nissa Simon, hb, new, 6.50
Health, Safety, and  Manners  #1, A Beka, vg, 3.50
*Health For Life, Scott Foresman, hb, grade 4, like new, 2.50
*Weight Training for Dummies, new, 8.50

Hygeine and Dental
Bippo Visits the Dentist by Edward L Donaldson, Jr, DDS, like new, 1.50

Holiday Fun
*Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather by Bruce Koscielniak, name, vg, 3.00

Groundhog Day, Hello Reader, vg, 2.50

Learning About Sex Series for Christian Families
Love, Sex & God, Learning About Sex for Christian Family, age 14-adult, good, 4.00
Raising Them Chaste, practical strategy for helping teen wait till marriage, vg, 4.50

My Little Golden Book of Manners, vg, 2.75
Please Say Please! Penguin's Guide to Manners, Scholastic, great, 3.25
Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book, Random House, good 2.00


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