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I have the following books for sale. I accept paypal,checks/MO. I ship my books media mail.  Insurance is available upon request.  All books are paperback unless marked. You can Contact me or email at

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Golden Books 
Golden Sturdy
Animal Sounds, good, 2.25
Bambi Peek-A-Boo, new, 2.75
Counting Book 1 to 10, good, 2.25
My Goodnight Book, pictures by Eloise Wilkin, vg, 2.50
Pinocchio, Fun with Shapes & Sizes, good, 2.25
Snow White and Seven, Book of Opposites, new, 2.75

Golden Shape Book Golden Look Book
The Bunny Book, vg, 1.25
Dumbo, vg, 1.25
Pinocchio, vg, 1.25
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, vg, 1.25
Unusual Animals, Golden Look Book, vg, 2.50

Golden Storybook
*Scuffy the Tugboat, like new, 2.50 
*About God, like new, 3.50
Little Cottontail, new, 3.50

Bambi, vg, 1.75

Bambi, Golden Coloring Book, super, 1.50
Bambi, My Paint with Water, new, 1.50

Christmas Titles
The Animals Christmas Eve, new, 2.00
The Animals Christmas Eve, vg, 1.50
The Animals Christmas Eve, fair, 1.00
Baby's Christmas, new, 2.00
The Christmas Story, new, 2.00
The Christmas Story, vg, 1.50 (2)
The Christmas Tree That Grew, new, 2.00
*Frosty the Snow Man, new, 2.00
The Gifts of Christmas, Precious Moments, vg, 1.50
Jingle Bells, new, 2.00
The Littlest Christmas Elf, vg, 1.50
The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore, excellent, 1.50 (2)
The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore, new, 2.00
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, 1958,vg, 1.50 (2)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, like new, 2.00
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, paperback, vg, 2.00 (2)
Santa's Toy Workshop, 1950, vg, 2.50
Santa's Toy Workshop, 1979, vg, 1.50
The Story of Christmas, Golden Look, vg, 1.50
The Twelve Days of Christmas A Christmas Carol, vg, 1.50
The Twelve Days of Christmas A Christmas Carol, new, 2.00
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid, vg, 1.50

The Little Mermaid, Golden Coloring Book, vg, 1.50
Sealed with a Kiss, Step into Reading, step 2, preschool-grade 1, vg, 2.00

Poky Puppy  
Poky Little Puppy, vg, 1.25 (2)
Saggy Baggy Elephant
The Saggy Baggy Elephant, like new, 2.25
The Saggy Baggy Elephant
, vg, 1.50
Saggy Baggy Elephant No Place For Me, Little Golden Land Book, like new, 1.50

Scuffy Tug Boat
Scuffy Underground Adventure, Little Golden Land Book, like new, 1.50

Snow White
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, vg, 1.25 (2)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, new, 1.50
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Giant Color & Acivitiy Book, new 1.50

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauy, vg, 1.75

Sleeping Beauty, Golden Coloring Book, vg, 1.50

Pooh and the Dragon, new, 1.75
Pooh, The Greatest Riddle Contest, vg, 1.50
Winnie-the-Pooh The Honey Tree, super 1.75

Bible Golden Books 
Daniel in the Lions Den, excellent, 1.50
David and Goliath, good, 1.50
The Lord is My Shepherd, super 1.75
Noah's Ark, vg, 1.25 (3)
The Story of Jesus like new, 1.75
The Story of Jonah, vg, 1.50
The Story of Jonah, like new, 2.00

Hymns Prayers
The Little Golden Book of Hymns, a Little Golden Book, vg, 2.25
My Little Golden Book About God, vg, 3.50* (2)
Poems and Prayers for the Very Young, vg, 2.50
Poems and Prayers for the Very Young, vg, 2.50
Prayers For Children by Eloise Wilkin, vg, 2.50 (3)
Prayers For Children by Eloise Wilkin, good, 2.25

David & Goliath
David & Goliath, vg, 1.25
David & Goliath, Coloring/ Activity, new, 1.50

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark, vg, 1.25 (3)
Noah's Ark, Coloring/ Activity, new, 1.50

Dinosaur Golden
Amazing Dinosaur Facts, Golden Look, vg, 2.25
Dinosaurs Golden Look Book, vg, 1.25 (2)
Flying Dinosaurs, I Love Dinosaurs, Golden Look, vg, 2.00
The Horned Dinosaurs Triceratops, Golden Look Book, vg, 1.25
King of the Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex, Golden Look Book, good, 1.00
Music Golden
Let's Sing and Play, pb, olden Book, good, 1.50
Sing-Along Favorites, pb, Golden Book, vg, 1.50
Songs About Animals & Others, pb, vg, 1.50
Songs About Animals & Others, pb, fair, 1.00

Golden Books Hardback 
Alice and Wonderland, vg, 1.50
Baby Animals by Garth williams, super, 2.50
Bambi, good, 1.75
Butterfly Kisses, has name, vg, 2.00
Chicken Little, Like new, 2.25
The Golden Egg Book, good, 2.00
The Happy Man and the Dump Truck, super, 2.00
vg, 1.75
Home for a Bunny, good, 1.50
Jack and the Beanstalk, good, 1.75
The Little Red Hen, super, 2.25
My First Counting Book, vg, 2.00
The Owl and the Pussycat, vg, 2.50 (2)
The Owl and the Pussycat, new, 3.50
Pinocchio, vg, 1.25
Pinocchio, pb, vg, 1.25 
Poky Little Puppy, vg, 1.25
Poky Little Puppy, good/fair, 1.50 (2)
Scuffy the Tugboat, good, 2.00
Sleeping Beauty, good, 1.50
Sleeping Beauty, new, 2.00
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, vg, 1.25 (2)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, new, 1.50
Tawny Scrawny Lion, good, 1.50
Tawny Srawny Lion, like new, 1.75
Tootle, good, 1.50
When Bunny Grows Up, vg, 1.50
When You Were a Baby, vg, 1.50

Golden Paperback
The Train to Timbuctoo, vg, 1.25

Leveled Readers, McGraw Hill
Class Makes 2-Much Money, like new, 1.75
Dance the Flamenco, like new, 1.75
The Face of the West, like new, 1.75
Hare and Tortoise, good, 1.50
Hiroko Makes the Team, like new, 1.75
John Muir: Making the Mountains Glad, like new, 1.75
Kids' Clubs That Helped the World, like new, 1.75
Letters from a New Home, like new, 1.75
The Light of One Candle, like new, 1.75
Mei Ping and the Sivler Shoes, Chinese Cinderella Story, like new, 1.75
The More the Merrier, like new, 1.75
My name is Nura, like new, 1.75
Perfect Pets, like new, 1.75
Playing Your Best, like new, 1.75
Sheep Station, good, 1.50
A Special Day for james, like new, 1.75
A Story Cloth, like new, 1.75
Teammates for Life, like new, 1.75
Tina Finds a Way, like new, 1.75
What's Gotten Into You, Julio?, like new, 1.75
The Well-Used Coat, like new, 1.75
Who's New in Our School?, like new, 1.75
Literacy Tree
I Am a Cat, like new 1.25
Ants Love Picnics Too, like new 1.25
The Boogly, like new 1.25
Cat and Mouse, like new 1.25
The Circus, like new 1.25
The Circus Clown, like new 1.25
Dear Santa, like new 1.25
Don't Wake the Baby, like new 1.25
The Farm, like new 1.25
Giant's Breakfast, like new 1.25
Green Footprints, like new 1.25
Hat Trick, like new 1.25
Here's What I Made, like new 1.25
Hiding, like new 1.25
I Spy, like new 1.25
In the Sand, like new 1.25
Koalas, like new 1.25
Look Out!, like new 1.25
Milk, like new 1.25
Nests, like new 1.25
Noises, like new 1.25
Ourch!, like new 1.25
The Pirate and The Parrot, like new 1.25
Teeny Tiny Tina, like new 1.25
Timmy, like new 1.25
Sitting, like new 1.25
The Storm, like new 1.25
Water, like new 1.25
What is Red?, like new 1.25
Wiskers, like new 1.25
Wheels, like new 1.25
Who's Coming for a Ride?, like new 1.25
Who Made These Tracks?, like new 1.25

Nature, Animals - Start Reading and
Bird Watch by Terry Jennings, new, 3.00
Children Around the World by Verna Wilkins, new, 3.00
*Dinosaur Explorer by Dougal Dixon, new, 3.00
First Experiences Going to the Dentist by Sally Hewitt, new, 3.00
*How Do We Move? by Sally Morgan, new, 3.50
Jobs People Do by Anita Ganeri, new, 3.00
Keeping Healthy by Sally Hewitt, new, 3.00
Life Cycles Caterpillar to Butterfly by Sally Hewitt, new, 3.00
Mighty Machines by Chris Oxlade, new, 3.00
Sea Creatures by Anne Foundez, new, 3.00
The Seasons by Ian Smith, new, 3.00
*What's in the Sky? by Ian Smith, new, 3.00
Scholastic At-Home Phonics Reading Program
Animals are Everywhere new, 1.75
Ants to Zebras: Silly Animal Jokes and Riddles new, 1.75
A Bath For Gus, new, 1.75
The Best of All, new, 1.75
Best Friends, new, 1.75
The Big City, new, 1.75
The Big Nut, new, 1.75
Brent's B-Day Party, new, 1.75
The Bug and the Bird, new, 1.75
Can You Spot the Octopus?, new, 1.75
Cinderfella, new, 1.75
The City Never Sleeps, new, 1.75
Coyote Helps Out, new, 1.75
A Deal is a Deal, new, 1.75
Did You See That Rabbit? new, 1.75
Fair is Fair, new, 1.75
The First to Fly: True Story of the Wright Brothers, new, 1.75
A Fish Tale, new, 1.75
Food, new, 1.75
Frogs, new, 1.75
Go! Go! Gp!, new, 1.75
A Hard-Working Dog, new, 1.75
The Hat, new, 1.75
I Can!, new, 1.75
I Will Win!, new, 1.75
Jacky and the Giant, new, 1.75
Jazz Class, new, 1.75
The King and the Gardener, new, 1.75
The Lucky Penny, new, 1.75
Once Upon a Time, new, 1.75
The One-Room School, new, 1.75
One Stormy Night, new, 1.75
Owls on the Prowl, new, 1.75
Plum's Paint Brush, new, 1.75
The Pony Express, new, 1.75
Rain, new, 1.75
Rainbows, new, 1.75
The Royal Diner, new, 1.75
Small Dawn, new, 1.75
Space Math, new, 1.75
A Squeak, a Squeal, and a Screech!, new, 1.75
Stan Spun Fast, new, 1.75
Stop the Tot! new, 1.75
This is Fun!, new, 1.75
Whale Watch, new, 1.75
Where is the Fox? new, 1.75
Who's in the Attic? new, 1.75
Who Has My Mitt?, new, 1.75
Who Needs a Tree?, new, 1.75
The Wrong Knight, new, 1.75

Joanna Cole
Bug in a Rug Reading Fun for Just-Beginners, lots of vocabulary, good, 2.75

Adventure Stories From Highlights
The Barnyard Switch, new, 2.75
The Bear's Blitz, new, 2.75
The Day of the Great Wave, vg, 2.50
The Extraordinary Bubble, new, 2.75
The Extraordinary Bubble, vg, 2.50
In the Shadow of an Eagle, vg, 2.50
In the Shadow of an Eagle, new, 2.75
Marvin Composes a Tea, new, 2.75
One Candle, new, 2.75
One Candle, vg, 2.50
The Ostrander Baby, new, 2.75
Storm's Fury, new, 2.75

Activity Readers I Can Read
Arthur's Honey Bear/ The Case of the Hungry Stranger, new, 2.50
A Bargain For Frances/ Mouse Tales, new, 2.50
Daniel's Duck/ No Fighting No Biting! new, 2.50

Danny and the Dinosaur/ Frog and Toad are Friends/ Little Bear/ Amelia Bedelia, new, 2.50

Days With Frog and Toad/ Who's A Pest, A Homer Story, new, 2.50
Frog and Toad Together/ The Case of the Scaredy Cats, new, 2.50
The Golly Sisters Ride Again/ Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery, new, 2.50
Harry and Lady Next Door/ Morris Goes to School, new, 2.50
Hooray for the Golly Sister! Here Comes the Strike Out, new, 2.50
A Kiss For Little Bear/  Mrs Brice's Mice, new, 2.50
Mouse Soup/ Aunt Eater's Mystery Vacation, new, 2.50
Owl at Home/ There Is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle Tales, new, 2.50
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia/ The Horse in Harry's Room, new, 2.50
Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish
Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower, An I Can Read Book, Level 2, new, 2.00 (2)
Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm by Herman Parish, vg, 2.25
Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm by Herman Parish, new, 2.50 (2)
Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping Avon Camelot, vg, 2.00
Amelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist? new, 2.25 (2)
Bravo, Amelia Bedelia! An I Can Read Book, 2, new, 2.00
Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia by Herman Parish, super,
Come Back, Amelia Bedelia, An I Can Read Book, grade 1-3, vg, 1.75
Good Work, Amelia Bedelia, Avon Camelot, vg, 2.00
Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia, Avon Camelot, has name, super, 2.25
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia An I Can Read Book, grade 1-3, fair,1.50
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia An I Can Read Book, grade 1-3, new, 2.00 (2)
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia Hello Reader, Level 4, vg, 2.00 
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia, like new, 2.00
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia, vg, 2.00
Dick and Jane

Away We Go, Read with Dick and Jane, new, 2.50
Who Can Help Read with Dick and Jane, new, 2.50
Read with Dick and Jane, Go Away, Spot, vg, 2.00
We See, Read with Dick and Jane, new, 2.50

Come and Go, activity with paint and brush included, new, 2.50
Fun and Games, activity with paint and crayons included, new, 2.50
Paint and Play, activity with paintbrush included, new, 2.50

Reading Rainbow
Adventure Stories That Will Thrill You, by Lobel, Byars, Rylant, super 3.00
Barn Dance! by Bill Martin Jr, Vg, 2.75
Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina, great, 4.25
Family Stories You Can Relate To, Rylant, Brown, vg, 3.00
*Everett Anderson's Goodbye by Lucille Cliffton, inscription, vg, 4.00
Friendship Stories You Can Share, featuring Arnold Lobel, Cynthia Rylant, vg, 3.00
*George Shrinks by William Joyce, new, 3.50
George Shrinks by William Joyce, fair, 2.00
Germes Make Me Sick! by Melvin Berger, Let's Read Find Out, stage 2, vg, 2.50
Horace by Holly Keller, vg, 3.50
*Imogene's Antlers by David Small, Scholastic, new, 2.50
Scary Stories to Read When It's Dark, Byars, Smith, Lobel, ex-lib, vg, 2.50
Sports Stories You'll Have a Ball With, Jean Van Leeuwen, Jean marzollo, good, 2.50
*The Tamarindo Puppy by Charlotte Pomerantz, vg, 4.00

More Readers
*Alligator Tails and Crocodile Cakes, I Am Reading, like new, 2.50
Barney Beagle and the Cat, Easy Reader, hb, vg, 2.00
Beezy, Orchard Chapter Reader, vg, 2.25
The Big Balloon Race, An I Can Read Book, hb, vg, 2.25
Big Red Apple, Hello Reader, pre-grade 1, vg, 1.75
*The Bunny Hop, Hello Reader, level 1, new, 2.50
*Burglar's Breakfast, Usborne Reading, new, 2.50
*The Cat and the Bird in the Hat, Hello Reader, level 1, new, 2.250
Chester, An I Can Read Book, pre-grade 1, vg, 2.00
Class Picture Day, Hello Reader, level 2, vg, 2.00
*The Class Trip, Hello Reader, level 1, new, 2.25
Elephant on Skates, Beginning Reader, Golden Step Ahead, vg, 2.00
The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat, An I Can Read Book, new, 2.25
Feet, hb, A Dandelion First Reader, vg, 2.75
A Flag for All, Scholastic, The Corner Kids, great 2.25
Footprints, Houghton Mifftin Reading, great, 2.50
Footprints in the Snow, Hello reader, Level 1, great, 2.25 (2)
Fox Be Nible, Puffin Easy-to-Read, level 3, vg, 2.00
Friends Forever, Hello Reader, grade 1-2, vg, 2.00
*A Girl, a Goat and a Goose, Hello Reader, level 1, like new, 2.50
Goose on the Loose, Scholastic Reader, level 1, like new, 2.25
Harry and the Lady Next door, An I Can Read Book, beginning 1, super, 2.00
Hercules, I Made Herc A Hero, vg, 1.75
Johnny Lion's Book, An I Can Read Book, vg, 2.00
Last One in is a Rotten Egg, An I Can Read Book, has name, vg, 2.00
*Little Red Caboose, Hello Reader, preschool-grade 1, new, 2.50
Monkey See, Monkey Do, Hello Reader, preschool-grade 1, vg, 1.75
Mice are Nice, Step Into Reading, step 1, new, 2.25
Mine's the Best An I Can Read,hb,  level 1, vg, 2.00
More Tales of Oliver Pig, vg, 1.75
*Mouse Goes Out, 4 books in sleeve, new, 3.25
The Mouse Who Wanted to Marry, level 2, vg, 1.75
Morris the Moose, An I Can Read Book, level 1, vg, 2.25
*Mr Sniff and the Motel Mystery, An I Can Read Book, hb, has x inside, vg, 2.00
My Tooth Is About to Fall Out, Hello Reader, level 1, vg, 2.00
Mystery of the Windy Meadow, Troll, like new, 2.25
Nice New Neighbors, ill by Aliki, has name, vg, 2.50
*Now I Am Six! stories about being six, new, 2.75
Ottie and the Star, An I Can Read Book, hb,  vg, 2.00
Otto the Cat, All Aboard Reading, 24 flash cards, has name, good, 2.00
Pajama Party, All Aboard Reading, level 1, vg, 2.00
The Parakeet Girl, Step into Reading, grade 1-3, new, 2.00
Porcupines's Pagama Party, An I Can Read Book, hb, vg, 2.25
Pirate School, All Aboard Reading, grade 1-3, vg 2.25
Quest for Camelot, Hello Reader, grade 1-2, vg, 2.00
Rabbit's Rainy Day, Golden Easy Reader, hb, super, 2.25
Sassafras, Kindness is Always Appreciated, vg, 1.50
See the Fly Fly, hb, A Dandelion First Reader, vg, 2.75
Shhhhh! David's Reading, vg, 1.25
Slip! Slide, Skate!, Hello Reader, level 2, vg, 2.00
The Smallest Cow in the World, An I Can Read Book, grade 2-4, vg, 2.00
Sweet Potato Pie, Step into Reading, pre-kind, vg, 2.00
There is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle Tales, I Can Read Book, like new, 2.00
Timmy the Tiger, Hooked on Phonics, level 4, new, 2.50
The True Story of Humpty Dumpty, Reading Together, like new, 2.25
*Unsinkable Scholastic, The Corner Kids, great, 1.50
Wally Walrus with fun activities, Let's Read Together, new, 2.50
Want a Ride? Step Into Reading, step 2, good, 1.75


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