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Careers - Learning
Busy Day Busy People by Tibor Gergely, Best Book Club Ever, vg, 2.25
Busy People by Nick Butterworth, age 2, has name, vg, 2.00
Creating Your Career Portfolio by Anna Graf Williams, no CD, vg, 1.00
I Wonder How Steel is Made by Neil Curtis, hb, vg, 4.00
My Friend the Police Officer by Leslie Eckard, boardbook, vg, 3.50

* Quality Customer Service: The Art of Treating Customers as Guests by William B Martin, great, 4.00

Retail Business Kit for Dummies, new, 6.50


Work With Us in a Printing Company, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.50

Television & Video
Let's Go To a TV Studio, hb, lib-disc, vg, 3.25
A New True Book, Computers, hb, lib-disc, vg, 3.25
A New True Book, Television, hb, lib-disc, vg, 3.25
On the Air The Story of Radio by John J Floherty, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.75
*Video: The Inside Story by Garth Renowden, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00

Careers -  Choosing
Career Discovery Encyclopedia, hb, ex-lib, good, Far-Lab, 3.50
Career Discovery Encyclopedia, hb, ex-lib, good, Lan-Pat, 3.50
Career Discovery Encyclopedia, hb, ex-lib, good, Per-Scr, 3.50
Creating Your Career Portfolio: At a Glance Guide for Students by Anna Graf Williams, PHD, vg, 5.50

*Guide to Careers in Federal Law by Thomas H Ackerman, 18.00

Accounting for Dummies, 2nd edition, vg, 4.00
*Financial Accounting by Marilyn F Hunt, Self-Study problems/solutions book, super, 12.50

Food Industry
Career Opportunities in The Food and Beverage Industry by Barbara Sims-Bell, hb, ex-lib, super, 12.50

Start and Run a Profitable Restaurant, step-by-step business plan by Michael M Coltman, ex-lib, fair, 4.00

New Revised Webster's Medical Dictionary, pocket book, vg, 2.75
Webster's Home Medical Dictionary, vg, 2.50

Subjects by Title or Subject
*Art Technique
Architectural Drawing Masterclass, Graphic Techniques of the world's leading architects by Tom Porter, hb, ex-;ib, vg, 18.50

Color For 5th grade students, like new, 4.00
Discover Drawing by Susie Johns, Tangerine Press, vg, 2.00
Do You Know Colors?  Random House, vg, 2.50
Essential Art Skills by Top That editors, new, 2.50
*Fun With Paint: Joanna Venus very creative crafts for kids, vg, 1.50
I Can Finger Paint, Usborne Playtime, vg, 2.50*
If You Take a Paintbrush by Fulvio Testa, A Book of Colors, vg, 3.50
*Landscape Techniques by Jose M Parramon, Lema Publications, super, 5.00
Painting in Oils by William Palluth, like new, 4.50 (2)

Real Techniques in Water Media, step-by-step art instruction book by Rudy De Reyna, excellent, 4.50

The Technique of Fine Art Lithography, vg 7.50
Watercolor by Duane R Light, Walter Foster Publishing, vg, 4.00

I Love Colors! Hello Reader, level 1, vg, 2.50

Still Life
The Beginner's Guide to Still Life Drawing, hb, ex-lib, dog chew, 5.50
*Painting Floral Still Lifes by Joyce Pike, vg, 9.50

Ballet Learning *
Ballet for Beginners by Marie-Laure Medova, excellent, 5.50
The Illustrated Book of Ballet Stories, DK, great, 5.50
*Usborne Starting Ballet, Scholastic, super, 3.25

A Great Bicycle Book by Jane Sarnoff, bike care book, hb, lib-dis, vg, 3.75
Bicycle Touring by Peter B Mohn, hb, ex-lib, vg, 2.75
Let's Visit A Bicycle Factory, vg, 2.75

Building Fun
*House Framing, Creative Homeowner, by John D Wagner, vg, 12.50
*Tools and Techniques, Woodworking Workshops, new, 5.50 (3)

*A Day in the Life of a Builder, Dk Reader, begin 1, vg, 2.50

Calligraphy Made Easy Beginners Workbook by Margaret Shepherd, new, 5.75

101 Best Cheers, How to be the Best Cheerleader Ever! by Suzi J Golden, Troll, vg, 3.50
Cheerleading! by Pauline Finberg, good, 2.50
Coin Collecting
All About Coin Collecting by Readers Digest, vg, 3.75
Computers & Internet
Building A Website, DK Essential Computers, pocket book, vg, 2.50
*Computers All Around Us by Jim Drake, hb, new, 12.50
Computers For Beginners, Usborne Computer Guides, vg, 4.50
*Computer Fun Reading, Click It, grades 2-4, new, 3.50
Creating your own Web Pages by Andy Shafran, vg, 6.50
*Easy Internet, See it Done, Do it Yourself, new, 7.50
*The Family PC Guide to Cool PC Projects, CD included, like new, 8.75
File Management, DK Essentials Computers, files, copying, documents, super, 3.00
*Inside Autodesk Animator, complete guide to animation of PC, vg, 5.50
The Internet for beginners, Usborne Computer Guides, vg, 4.00
Introducing Computers, Concepts, systems, applications, 1996, vg, 1.75,
Kid's Computer Creations, Art, craft, fun using your computer, good, 4.50
*Kids Guide to the Internet by Bruce goldstone, new, 2.75
Kids On-Line by Marian Salzman, 150 ways kids surf fun/information, good, 3.75
Make Your Own Web Page! by Ted Pedersen, Scholastic, good, 3.00
My First Book About the Internet by Sharon Cromwell, Troll, vg, 2.50
A New True Book, Computers, hb, lib-disc, good, 3.25
Personal Computers by Tom Kazunas, True Book, ex-lib, good 2.50
*Searching the Internet, Essential DK Computers by Brian Cooper, vg, 4.00
*Search Engines for the World Wide Web, like new, 4.50
Way Cool Web Sites, Web guide for kids, vg, 5.50

The Cooking Book, DK Chick-fil-A, new, 1.50
Crepe Cookery by Marble Hoffman, vg, 5.50
*The Humble Spud by Hamlyn, great, 6.50

Modern Publishing
Food For One, vg, .50
Electronics & Wiring
Basic Wiring Techniques, Ortho book, good, 4.50
Electronics, DK Eyewitness Book, hb, lib-discard, good, 4.00
How to Hook Up High-Tech Electronics, from Radio Shack, vg, 2.50

Transistors and Circuits, Electronics for Young Experimenters
by WE Pearce, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
Trivia Fun and Games, Questron Electronic Quiz Book, great, 1.00

Fishing for Dummies by Peter Kaminsky, vg, 3.75
The Freshwater Angler Walleye, Hunting & Fishing Library, hb, super, 7.50

Handicrafts & Family
The Complete Holiday Organizer, Busy Woman's Guide to Holiday Planning, vg, 4.50

Emily Post's Complete Book of Wedding Etiquette, hb, vg, 7.50
Emily Post on Entertaining, vg, 3.75
Emily Post on Second Weddings, vg, 3.75
Emily Post's Pocket Book of Etiquette, vg, 4.25
Family The Ties that Bind...and Gag! by Erma Bombeck, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
Ford Etiquette, hb, vg, 8.50

The Knot's Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World: The Ultimate Source of Ideas, Advice, and Relief for the Bride and Groom and Those Who Love Them by Carley Roney, has url's in cover, vg, 9.50

*Horse & Pony Care & Riding*
*Dancing with Your Dark Horse, How Horse Sense helps Us find Balance, Strength and Wisdome by Chris Irwin, vg, 6.50
Dressage for Beginners by RLV ffrench Blake, follows American Horse Shows Assoiation rules, ex-lib, vg, 4.50

An Expert's Guide to Horse Selection & Car for Beginners by Dr George H Conn, vg, 6.50
Horses by Kate Reddick, photographic color guide, vg, 4.50
*Usborne Hotshots Riding, mini book, super, 2.50

The Riding Lesson, Read-Along Coloring Book, by Pat Young, new, 5.50
The Trail Ride, Read-Along Coloring Book, by Pat Young, new, 5.50

*The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell, hb, new, 6.50
Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, pocket book, good, 3.00
Learning to Lead by Robert Heller, DK Essential Managers, new, 2.50

Martial Arts
Facing the Double-Edged Sword, The Art of Karate for Young People by Terrence Wester-Doyle, vg, 8.50

The Karate Class Mystery, Invisible Inc. #5, Scholastic, vg, 3.00

Movies & Entertainment
Eyes On America, Arts and Entertainment, lots of trivia w/pix's, new, 2.00
The Making of King Kong, by Jenny Wake, great, 2.25
Movie Monsters by Alan Ormasry, 1975, monster make-up & monster shows, book gives background on famous movie monsters, Dr Jekyll, King Kong, Dracula, etc, vg, 4.00

Stooge Mania, photos, puzzles, trivia, collectibles, vg, 6.50*

*Kathy Lamancusa's Guide to Decorative Painting, ex-lib, vg, 6.50
Papering and Painting, Time Life Do It Yourself, vg, 4.50

The Amateur's Guide to Leisuretime Photography by Suzanne Beedell, hb, ex-lib, vg, 2.75
Beginer's Guide to Darkroom Techniques by Ralph Hattersley, 1976, vg, 3.50
Click! Fun With Photography by Susanna Price, Troll, vg, 3.25
Click! A Book about Cameras and Taking Pictures by Gail Gibbons, good, 3.00
Digital Photography for Dummies by Julie Adair King, pocket book, new, 2.00
The Essential Darkroom Book by Tom Grill, 1981, g, 3.50
My First Camera Book, for young photographers, excellent, 2.50 (2)
Photography Contests: How To Enter, How To Win by Lida Moser, good, 2.50
Photography Take Your Best Shot by Terri Morgan, hb, great, 9.50
Post Office
Coloring & Activity Book, USPS, 2001, unused, vg, 2.25
Greetings from America Coloring & Activity Book, Mar 2003, like new, 2.50
Meet the Wonders of America Coloring & Activity, new, 3.50
Meet the Wonders of America Coloring & Activity (2006), new, 3.50 

8 page Mini Scrapbook, acid free, has stamp emblem on cover, new, 1.50 (3)

Quilting & Patchwork
First Prize Quilts, 50 award-winning designs by America's favoite quilt makers by Dimetra Makris, hb, ex-lib, vg, 8.50

Guide to Seminole Patch Work by Nancy Devlin Lambert, great, 5.50
*Margaret Hutchings Patchwork Playthings, full size templates, Dover, 4.75
Navajo Weaving from The Santa Fe Collection by Ann Lane Hudlund

Sewing & Knitting  
Applique', Let's Create Needlecrafts by Jan Walmsley, hb, lib-dis, 3.00
The Art of Handsewing Leather by Al Stohlman, vg, 5.50
The Cross Stitcher, Cherished Friends, Precious Moments, vg, 1.50
The Cross Stitcher, 24 Exciting Projects, vg, 1.50
How to Sew for Children, Better Homes & Gardens, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
Needle Lace & Needle Weaving by Jill Nordfors, hb, ex-lib, vg, 6.50
Needlepoint by Carolyn Amnbuter's Complete Book of, good,3.50
Sweatshirts with Style by Mary Mulari, vg, 6.50
Sweeter Than the Rose, embroidery, hb, new, 10.50
Under Construction, Sewing Project Activity Guide, 4-H, level 1, new, 3.75
Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
Boy Scout
Cub Scout Book, Tiger, good, 2.50
Cub Scout Book, Wolf, good, 2.50 (2)
Webelos Scout Book, great, 4.50 

Girl Scout
Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book, spiral, has bend, unused, 4.00
Juliette Low Founder of the Girl Scouts of America by June Behrens, great, 3.75
Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, good, 4.50
Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, like new, 5.50
Corries Secret Pal, Here Come the Brownies, Brownie Scout Book, good, 1.25
Girls are Great! for Daily Girl Scounts, like new, 3.00
Girl Scout Badges and Signs (1990), vg, 5.50
Girl Scout Song Book put together by Troop 864 in 2007, like new, 4.00
Girl Scout Stew, 950 recipes, super, 8.50
*The Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders, like new, 4.00
Junior Girl Scout Handbook (1994), like new, 7.50 (2)
Junior Girl Scout Handbook (2001), vg, 7.50
Junior Girl Scout Handbook (1986), good, 4.50
Junior Girl Scout Badges and Signs by Girl Scouts of America, vg, 5.50
Senior Girl Scouts A Resource Book, like new, 4.50
Safety-Wise, program standards, basic safety, trips, great, 8.50

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