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 I have the following books for sale. I accept paypal, checks/MO. I ship my books media mail and combine shipping. Insurance is available upon request. All books are paperback unless otherwise marked. You can Contact
me or email me at
A Child's First Library of Learning, Wheels and Wings, hb, like new, 7.50
Cycle Chase, Troll, good, 1.75
Machines as Tall as Giants by Paul Stickland, Picture Puffin, vg, 3.25
Mega Machines Super Sticker Book, many stickers applied, reusable, good, 3.50
Usborne Pocket Scientist, Flight & Floating Safe experiments to do at home, vg, 2.50

Trains and Planes Coloring & Activity, good, .50

Airplanes, Aircrafts, Bombers, Flight, Helicopter, Jets
*The Blue Max by Jack D Hunter, super, 4.50
Finding Out About Things That Fly, Chick-fil-A, vg, 1.25
Flight by Life Science Library, hb, ex-lib, vg, 9.50
Flight, Pioneers Airpower, Record Breakers, Future by Ian Graham, good, 4.50
How Things Work Astonishing Aircraft, Parragon Publishing, hb, new, 5.75
Magic School Bus Taking Flight, about Flight, good, 2.50
Make it Work! Flight, hands on approach to science, edge roll, fair, 2.75
*Eureka! It's an Airplane! by Jeanne Bendick, vg, 5.50

Activity Books
Blast Off! Space Adventure Activity by Weekly Reader, good, 2.50
The Ultimate Aircraft Sticker Book, DK, stickers applied, great resource, great, 2.00

Amazing Aircraft by Seymour Simon, vg, 1.75
Airplanes - Paper
Best Ever Paper Planes that really fly by Paul Jackson, has stickers, good, 2.50
Stunt Flying with Paper Airplanes by Bob Smith, vg, 2.50
Activity Books
Advanced Championship Paper Planes by Paul Jackson, good, 3.50
The Complete Paper Airplane Book by Michael Shulan, decorate, make & fly, vg, 3.00
Design & Fly Paper Airplanes, Tangerine Press with CD, vg 4.00
Flying, Gliding and Whirling, Making Things That Fly by Carol Nicklaus,hb, vg, 4.75
The Know How Book of Flying Models, vg, 3.00
Quick and Easy Paper Planes that really fly! by Paul Jackson, like new, 3.00
The Ultimate Paper Plane Book, 25 paper plane designs w/stickers, vg, 3.50

Airport & Airline Pilots
A Day at the Airport by Nancy Parent, Giant Word Boardbook, vg, 3.75
Let's Go To The Airport, hb, lib-disc, vg, 3.25
*Signs at the Airport by Mary hill, Welcome Books, new,

Activity Books
Going to the Airport Coloring Book, new, 2.00 (2)
A Trip to the Airport Coloring Book, Creative Child Press, excellent, 1.25
What Happens at the Airport, Creative Child Press coloring book, vg, 1.25

Golden Books
A First Airplane Ride, good, 1.25*
*We're Taking An Airplane Trip, Golden Look, new, 2.00*

Junior Pilot, VHS, 10 yr old...10,000 feet in over his head, new in package, 1.50

Flight Stories
Amelia Earhart Adventure in the Sky by Francene Sabin, Troll, ex-lib, good 3.50
Amelia Earhart Adventure in the Sky by Francene Sabin, Scholastic, like new, 4.00
Basher Five-Two by Captain Scott O'Grade, True Story F-16 Fighter, fair, 3.50
The First Flight Across the United States by Richard L Taylor, ex-lib, hb, vg, 3.75
Lost Star, The Story of Amelia Earhart by Patricial Lauber, vg 2.50 (2)
The Magic School Bus Taking Flight, like new, 2.00
The Sound of Wings, The Life of Amelia Earhart by Mary S Lovell hb, vg, 8.50
The Story of Amelia Earhart by Adele de Leeuw, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.25
The Story of Flight by Mary Lee Settle, Step-Up Book, hb, good, 2.50
Straight on Till Morning, the biography of Beryl Markham, vg, 6.50
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk by donald Sobol, Scholastic Bio, good, 3.25

*History of Flight Coloring Book, Dover Coloring, like new, 3.75
Amelia Earhart More than Flier, Childhd Famous Americans Ready-to-Read, vg, 2.50
First Flight, Story of Tom Tate and Wright Bro by Houghton Mifflin Reading, super, 2.50

Spacecrafts, Shuttles, Space Stations, Rockets & Titanic
Astronaut Training by Ann Armbruster, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.50
Blast Off, Launch your own air-powered Rockets!, Scholastic, vg, 5.50
Blast Off by Maryann Dobeck, for young, vg, 2.75

The Fantastic Cutaway Book of Spacecraft by Nigel Hawkes, oversize book w/space shuttles, aircrafts, very worn cover, 4.50

Future Space Beyond Earth by David Jefferis, like new, 4.50
Let's Visit Space Camp by Edith Alston, hb, ex-lib, good, 3.75
Rockets To Explore the Unknown by Don Rogers, Witman Learn, hb, fair/good, 3.50
Satellites and Computers by Mat Irvine, hb, ex-lib, vg, 5.50
See Inside a Space Station by Robin Kerrod, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.00
Spaceward Bound by Slater Brown, Lodestar book, 1955, worn but good, 2.50
Space Shuttle by Kate Petty, Franklin Watts First Library, 1.50
Space Shuttles, by Margaret Friskey, A New True Book, ex-lib, vg, 2.25
Space Weapons by Frank Barnaby, oversize hb, ex-lib, vg, 6.50
*Traveling in Space by Sue Becklake, has name, like new, 2.75
Usborne Starting Point Science, What's Out in Space? Shuttles, Satellites...good, 1.75

Cut and Make Space Shuttles by David Kawami, missing 1, super, 4.00

Astronaut Living in Space, DK Reader, beginning 2, vg, 2.50
Spacebusters The Race to the Moon, DK Readers, level 3, great, 2.50
Space Heroes, Amazing Astronaurts, DK Readers, level 3, vg, 2.50

Boats - Ships & Submarines
All Kinds of Ships, Golden Look Book, good, 2.25
Busy Boats by Peter Lippman, Best Book Club, good, 1.25
A Busy Day at the Harbor by Philippe Dupasquier, picture book, vg, 3.00
Fireboat, The Heroic Adventures of the John J Harvey by Maira Kalman, good, 3.50
Hercules the Harbor Tug by Michael O'Hearn, hb, like new, 4.50
If I had a Big Blue Boat by BSusan james Frye, 
Nuclear Submarine, The Inside Story by Mike Rositer, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.25
The Picture World of Sea Rescue by Norman Barrett, hb, rip on CW page, vg, 4.00
Shipwreck, DK Eyewitness Book, hb, lib-discard, good, 4.00

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World by Jennifer Armstrong, True Story Shackleton and the Endurance, Houghton Mifflin Reading, vg, 4.00

Submarines, Kingfisher Little Library, water damage, good, 1,00
Things That Float, Finding Out About, Chick-fil-A, Usborne, like new, 1.25
Tuggy the Tugboat by jean Horon Berg, Wonder Book, super, 3.00
Undersea Machines by Christopher C Pick, hb lib-dis, vg, 4.00

Wood Shape Puzzle, 5 pieces, new, 1.50

Boats! Step into Reading, step 1, vg, 2.25

883 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions about the Titanic by Hugh Brewster, vg, 6.50

Back to the Titanic! by Beatrice Gormley, Travelers Through Time #1, fair, 2.25
Draw the Titanic by Andrew Staiano, good, 3.00
Exploring the Titanic by Robert D Ballard,Scholastic, vg, 3.50 (2)
Ghost Liners by Robert Ballard. like new, 5.50
Sos Titanic by Eve Bunting, Scholastic, new, 2.75
Titanic Crossing by Barbara Williams, Scholastic, vg, 3.25
White Star A Dog on the Titanic by Marty Crisp, ex-lib, like new, 3.50

Finding the Titanic by Robert D Ballard, Hello Reader, level 4, like new, 2.50
The Titanic Lost and Found, Step into Reading, grade 2-3, fair, 1.50
Titanic Scholastic Reader, level 3, vg, 2.25
Titanic, The Disaster that Shocked the World! DK Reader, level 3, vg, 2.50

Behind the Wheel, Stories Cars on Track & Road selected by Phyllis Fenner, ex-lib, hb, 4.50

Cars! Cars! Cars! by Grace Maccarone, new, 1.50
*The Dale Earnhardt Story, like new, 6.50
The Driving Force Handling the Curves in Life by Mike Hembree, hb, new, 8.50
Explore the World of Marvelous Machines, Golden Book, hb, vg, 3.50
Finding Out About Things on Wheels, Chick-fil-A, good, 1.00
Modern Racing Cars by Ross R Olney, hb, ex-lib, fair, 3.75
Race Cars Stickers Stories, like new, 2.75
Hot Cars, Cool Ride, Guide to the Hottest/Coolest Cars by Martin Padgett, fair, 3.50
Hot Cars, Cool Ride, Guide to the Hottest/Coolest Cars by Martin Padgett,vg, 5.50
Things On Wheels, Finding Out About, Chick-fil-A, Usborne, like new, 1.25
*Usborne Book of Cutaway Cars, new, 5.50
Xtreme Sports Fast Track by Joe Layden, Meet world's best race car drivers, great, 3.50

Activity Books
Classic Sports Cars, Make Your Own, 3 complete models, awesome, new, 4.50
Cars and Trucks, Pop-Up coloring/ activity book, new, 1.00
How to Draw Speed Machines, Scholastic, small cut on back cover, good, 2.50

Street Rod Coloring Book, very nice, excellent, 3.00
Street Rod Coloring Book, 6 pages done or scribbled, FREE w/purchase
Golden Books
My Little Golden Book of cars and Trucks, good, 1.25

Cool Cars by Seymour Simon, See More Readers, new, 2.25

Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Street Machines, vg, 1.75
Hot Wheels Evolution, good, 1.50

Activity Books
Hot Wheels No Limits, coloring/ activity, puzzles, games, new, 1.50
Hot Wheels Taking It To the Track, sticker activity, new, 2.25

Nascar Rolling Thunder by TB Calhoun, Kin Travis finds out how cars go fast, vg, 3.00

Fire Trucks & Fire Fighters  
Big Frank's Fire Truck, Random House, vg, 2.25
Fire Engine to the Rescue, Storytime Books, vg, 1.50
Fire Explorer books by jean Waricha, vg, 3.00
*Fire in Their Eyes, Wildfires and people who fight them, good, 4.50
*Fire Fighters by Norma simon, Scholastic, super, 4.50
*Firefighters A to Z by Chris L Demarest, Scholastic, oversize, vg, 4.00
Activity Books
Fire Dist 12 Coloring & Activity Book, new, 1.00

Custom Made Classics Coloring and Activity, Orange County Choppers, like new, 2.25
How to Draw Motorcycles & Choppers, Scholastic, no tracing paper, vg, 3.00
Big Tractor, oversize boardbook, super, 4.50
Johnny Tractor and the Big Surprise, John Deere, vg, 3.00
*Johnny Tractor and His Pals, John Deere, bh, name in cover, like new, 4.25
Tractor Board Book, DK, super, 3.50

John Deere Dig! Lift! Push! with Danny Dozer, Jumbo Coloring/ Activity, new, 2.25
John Deere Dig! Danny Dozer's Busy Day, Jumbo Coloring/ Activity, new, 2.25
John Deere Fun on Farm with Johnny Tractor, Jumbo Coloring/ Activity, new, 2.25

All About Trains, All Aboard Books, vg, 2.25
All Aboard & All About Trains by Dawn Bentely, vg, 1.50
Busy Trains by Peter Lippman's, Random House, vg, 1.50
Down by the Station by Will Hillenbrand, Scholastic, good, 4.00
*Freight Train by donald Crews, Caldecott, excellent, 2.75*
The Monster Under the Shed, hb, ex-lib, vg, 3.00
*My First Train Ride, All Aboard Books, by Emily Neye, new, 2.75 (4)
The Pony Engine, Wonder Book, vg, 1.00
Read-Aloud Train Stories, 1957 Wonder Book, good, 3.50
Train, DK Ultimate Sticker book, some stickers applied, good,
The Train to Lulu's by Elizabeth Howard, Rainbow Reading Book, vg, 3.25

Sticker Stories, Trains, new, 2.50
Golden Book
Tootle, good, 1.00 (3)
Thomas Train
A Cow on the Line and other Stories, Railway Series, Random House, good, 1.75
James in a Mess, Thomas Stories, Railway Series, Random House, vg, 2.00
Diesel's Devious Deed, Thomas Stories, Railway Series, Random House, super, 2.00
Little Engines Can Do Big Things, Thomas and the Magic RR, Rand House, vg, 1.75 (2)
Thomas' ABC Book, hb, good, 2.00
Thomas' ABC Book, pb, vg, 2.00
*Thomas and the Magic Railroad, hb, new, 5.50
*Thomas' Railway Word Book, Random House, new, 2.00
Thomas Gets Tricked and other Stories, Railway Series, Random House, good, 1.75
Trouble for Thomas and Other Stories, Random House, good, 1.50
Activity Books
Thomas & Friends, Fun to Learn w'poster, 1 page done. good, .75
Thomas & Friends, Fun all Year, Illustration page done neatly. vg, 1.25
Thomas & Friends, New Friends for Thomas, like new, 1.50
Thomas' Trainloads of Fun, Jumbo chunky coloring, 320 pages, unused, vg, 3.75

Thomas and the Magic Railroad, movie with Alec Baldwin, Peter Fonda, vg, 3.75
Best of Percy, Thomas & Friends, vg, 3.00
Thomas and the School Trip, Railway Series, Step into Reading, step 1, vg, 1.50

Trucks & Machines
All Aboard Trucks by Lynn Conrad, vg, 1.50
Big Digger, large boardbook, excellent, 4.50
Busy Builders, Flip Flap Fun Book, board book, super, 5.50
*I Love Trucks! by Philemon Sturges, Scholastic, like new, 4.00
If I Could Drive a Crane! Tonka Scholastic, vg, 2.25
The Truck Book, Golden Book, has tape and name, fair, .75
The Truck Book, Golden Book, good 1.00
The Truck Book, Golden Book, like new .1.75 (2)
The Truck Book, Random House, good, 1.00
Trucks Pop-Up Book, hb, new, 4.00
Trucks Trucks Trucks by Peter Sis, good, 2.25
Tonka If I Could Drive a Dump Truck!, vg, 1.50 (2)
Tonka Trucks Night and Day by Patricia Relf, lots of different trucks, super, 5.50
Westley, The Big Truck by James McEven, hb, has name, super, 5.50
Working Hard With the Mighty Dump Truck, Tonka  by J Korman, vg, 1.50 (2)
Working Hard With the Mighty Loader, Tonka ,by J Korman, good, 1.25
Usborne Book of Diggers and Cranes by Carolyn Young, great, 4.00

Activity Books
Tonka Giant Coloring and Activity Book, Built to Last!, good, 1.00
Tonka Giant Coloring and Activity Book, On the Job!, new, 2.50
Big Building Machines Coloring & Activity Book, new, 2.50
Diggerland Fun Coloring, 144 pages, vg, 3.75
Diggers and Dump Trucks Sticker Activity, new, 2.75
Mighty Trucks! Dot-a-Dot Art Creative Activity Book, super, 3.00
Sticker Stories Trucks, new, 2.50
Tonka Paint with Water Book, Dig in With Tonka, vg, 1.25
I Can Read About Trucks and Cars, good, 1.50 (2)
Heavy-Duty Trucks, Step Into Reading, grade 1-3, fair, 1.50
Tough Trucks The Crane, Tonka Scholastic, great, 2.50
Trouble at the Bridge, Lego, DK Reader, excellent, 2.00
Truck Trouble, DK Reader, beginning 1, vg, 2.00
Big Work machines, Golden Look, vg, 2.25

Bob Builder
*Dizzy's Bird Watch, Bob Builder, Scholastic, new, 2.25
Meet Scoop, Bob Builder, board book, vg, 2.00
*Wendy Helps Out, Bob Builder, Scholastic, new, 2.25

Bob the Builder Welcome to Bob's Building Yard, boardbook, good, 1.50

Rescue Heros
Rescue Heros, No One Gets Left Behind, coloring, activity, Fisherprice, vg, 1.25
Rescue Heros, To Serve and To Save! giant coloring, activity, Fisherprice, vg, 1.25
Mountian Mudslide, Fisher Price, Scholastic, 2.50

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