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I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to serving your needs.  If you                 have any questions please contact Lisa at 985-507-6822                                or email me at      

Welcome to my wonderful website!  My name is Lisa Luneau and I live in Hammond, Louisiana.  I am mother of 3 and am presently homeschooling my son. In creating this website, I am developing my own personal Mini Mall and offering you many diversified products and services. It is my sincere desire that you will benefit by my years of experience. 


 Home School Books

I have been selling Home School Books for over 5 years. The name of my book business is Book Blessings!  The joy that books have brought into our lives and home school has been more than amazing. Please look at the many categories of books by clicking on Home School Books

If you sell books and would be interested in sharing my link on your site, I would be glad to add a link to your site on my Home School Books Page or my side bar.  You can look to see the other affiliates on these areas. 

I also give away FREE books once a month. Go to Members area to join! 

You can also go and view my books at 

I have two yahoo groups that I would love you to join.  One is to list books for sale and the other is to learn some of the tricks to selling books online.

I have also started adding Yahoo Groups to my Links Page that are for selling books.  These book selling groups are part of my success story for selling books.

Birthday Parties in a Box

I also sell theme Parties! Please click on Available Parties in Box to view the different parties available! 

I specialize in organizing designer parties for children. These awesome parties are literally your one stop shop, from the cake mix to the decorations. If you have eggs and oil you can order your party, bake the cake, decorate the house, and host the party without ever leaving home!  This idea was birthed in 1986 and now I am in full swing, creating, planning and purchasing the resources to design and ship to your door, the perfect designer Birthday party! To see my parties go to Available Parties or to purchase them click on my Web Sore


I am in the midst of becoming a Certified Natural Health Coach.  I also love to share information about essential oils. After certification I will be opening up my own practice. I plan to integrate into my practice the use of the oils to heal the mind, body, and spirit, ministering to the whole person.  God intended for us to use natural earth substances to sustain our lives. In the meantime I will be sharing information on Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I will be adding information on essential oils to my aromatherapy page monthly. I also sell Essential Oils from Young Living in my Web Store


Super Natural Nutrition 

I will also be sharing on herbs and wholefood nutrition.  I am a lover of raw food!  My son and I are working toward the goal of a completely raw food diet.  There is a lot to learn and I will be sharing on many aspects of the wholefood/raw diet life style to help you on your journey to wholeness and healing.  Please see my page on Nutrition and the wonderful raw recipes. If you have any great wholesome recipes, please share them with me and let me know if I can post them on this site.


Puppy Tales

I have an 5 awesome puppies. The are awesome and God's Creatures!  Please see my puppy page called Puppy Tale

This month I am featuring my raw base soup that I feed daily to my Chihuahua and Pekingese Pups!  I feed my pups a very healthy diet!  


The Salvation Room

Last but certainly not least, but the greatest of all is the Salvation Room.  I am building a website for young and old alike, to receive Jesus.  This is a dream shed in my heart over 5 yrs ago.  I am beginning that site integrated with this site.  Once I finish I will make it a complete website to itself.  In the meantime I have 2 room started!  First The Salvation Room and then The Holy Spirit Room under construction.  I will be adding the Healing Room and the The Blood of Christ Room after Jan 1.  I expect the Lord to use these rooms to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please go see these wonderful rooms and allow the Lord to minister to you.  Please Contact me for more information.

In His Service,

Lisa Luneau 




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